It still feels recent that my sister was singing Taylor Swift’s 22 to me during my birthday in January, and now it’s only a few more months and she has to change those lyrics to “23.” But despite the quick pace life is going and here I am again contemplating what I did in the past years, I’ll be sharing fifty things I’m thankful for.

  1. It’s another day.
  2. I have a nice family. Even though we fight about petty things.
  3. I have a few but really good friends.
  4. I have a nice job. 
  5. I have nice colleagues and a great boss.
  6. I was able to buy a new laptop. And in my favorite color, red and black.
  7. And a new phone for me and my sister.
  8. And a GoPro Hero4 Silver.
  9. God got my back.
  10. I can have coffee or fries whenever I want. Unlike some who struggle with 1 meal.
  11. I’m ambitious.
  12. I’m blessed every single day.
  13. My career is going the right path. (which hopefully goes well with what I need so I don’t have to think twice in accepting a new job offer.)
  14. I recently got a salary raise.
  15. I got to travel to Palawan.
  16. I get to buy new clothes. Even if I encounter some bad sellers along the way.
  17. Finally got my passport.
  18. I somehow have exercise now, thank you Badminton.
  19. God is leading me to His way.
  20. I get to meet new people.
  21. And build new connections.
  22. Realize words can be powerful but also empty. I’m talking about men who tell you they like you but don’t show it.
  23. I am more active with blogging.
  24. I have more guy friends.
  25. I am closer to the people I actually want in my life.
  26. I’m finally able to save properly. hopefullyyyyy.
  27. I have free time.
  28. For once, what I say has weight. I’ve always felt underestimated, to it’s nice to get some acknowledgement.
  29. I’m happy even if there are several reasons not to.
  30. I’m growing as a person by the day.
  31. I meet and like the wrong people but it’s okay.
  32. My shop, despite closing, is getting some recognition.
  33. I get to do something with the knowledge I have. Thanks Brian for reaching out! Sometimes you just want to feel needed lol.
  34. God won’t abandon me, ever.
  35. Good news: I’ve finally moved on properly after 4 years. Bad news: I’m liking someone who I shouldn’t.
  36. I have an understanding mom.
  37. I’m smarter and more talented than a lot of people.
  38. And I am able to put it to good use.
  39. Some people actually do love me.
  40. My life doesn’t feel incomplete despite having a broken family.
  41. I don’t feel the need to be with someone.
  42. I’m actually scratching some stuff off my bucket list. Hooray travelling and eating.
  43. Life is unfair, but I’m still pretty lucky.
  44. God blesses my life more than I deserve. A little embarrassed, but I’ll make it up to Him.
  45. I’m healthy.
  46. And so is my family.
  47. I’m not yet the society’s definition of fat despite eating a lot.
  48. I get to buy things I need and things I want.
  49. I can inspire even a few people through the written language.
  50. Im thankful that I have lots of small and big things to be thankful for.


Daily Prompt – Praise