One of the most heard lines from working adults is “I want to go back to studying.” And surely, even if I don’t consider myself the adult of adults (how to be one, actually?), I won’t deny that it’s something that I want to go back to despite the wondrous world of bi-monthly paychecks and travel escapades.

So of course, when I saw great online courses at Shaw Academy, I took the opportunity to take 2 courses that really piqued my interest – Blogging and Content Marketing for my great love as a blogger and Social Media Marketing which I have come to love because of my work. They offer several other courses from Adobe Photoshop, Finance, Investments, and Nutrition to even Web Development, Music and Bartending.


Quick background, Shaw Academy is a professional training and higher education institution dedicated to making the highest quality, practical education accessible to all (Shaw Academy, LinkedIn) They also provided Northern Council for Further Education (NCFE) diploma level 4 which is recognized  by the qualification regulators of England, Wales and Northern Ireland – invaluable to a CV. Further discussed at the end of this post.

Courses typically run for a month in 10 1-hour live online sessions and a few minutes after for live Q&A. Ungraded assignments are available for self-check on the learning progress and as preparation for the Final Assignment required before getting the certification. I took Blogging and Content Marketing for June-July, and Social Media Marketing for July to August.

Here’s what the courses I took look like in the site. There’s brief information about all courses and even the curriculum it has so you can read on before deciding if it’s the course for you.


My experience with the Blogging and Content Marketing course ran every Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7pm UK time (5-6pm GMT+8) for 4 weeks. Since I have prior knowledge and experience with blogging for over 10 years, it was rather a refresher than an actual lecture which isn’t so bad either. But it’s definitely something that would be greatly appreciated by starter or beginner bloggers because all the information needed to get started can be found in the sessions and can be greatly utilized and maximized by anyone.


Social Media Marketing on the other hand is something fairly new to me as I only come to like it just a little more than a year. I learned a lot despite my schedule conflict since Shaw Academy puts up video recordings 24 hours after the live session making it possible for anyone not to miss anything from the live lectures. All the videos for all the online courses offered can be accessed up to 12 days after course completion. Again, weekly assignments are up when you login to your account so you can easily track progress on your learning.

After the 10 live online sessions, each course has a designated Final Assignment or examination for the diploma. However, apart from the payment for the lectures itself, the Final Assignment is an additional €19 (₱1000/$21) per course. Once completed and paid, you will receive a digital diploma similar to these that you can download for your own use along with the set questions and answers for future review and reference which is pretty neat.

Should you want a hard copy delivered to you, you will need to pay €39 (₱2,050/ $44) for verification, packing and shipping which can regularly take 1 to 2 months and an additional €25 (₱1320/$28) for express shipment.

Summing it up, if you’re one like me who roots for knowledge whenever I can, wants a boost in CV, or simply wants to learn new things for personal and career growth, then Shaw Academy is a nice place to come to for a convenient and professional education online.



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