Weird, but one very shallow part of my bucket list is having to work from the ambiance and aroma of a coffee shop. I feel like somewhat it will intoxicate me but at the same time motivate me to get shit done (and that’s not only because I spent almost P400 lol). After I got my laptop in April, it was one of my plans to get that off my bucket list, and I only had time and enough reason to scratch that off my list today, 4 months after.

I’m admitting it. I’m not the best crammer in life. I can cope up wih pressure but if I can choose a well-planned and lenient schedule, then I would greatly prefer that setup.

I like things planned, not because I dislike spontaneity or I don’t buy joy from just going on with the flow, but it’s rather saving myself from panicking and the constant dilemma if I’ve actually done things right. (Okay, maybe because I hate that kind of pressure.) But I’m sure you get me when I say it’s because I rather think over hot coffee while singing to Boyce Avenue acoustics than constantly checking my watch and sipping on my now-cold coffee thinking if I can actually make it to due.

I allot time on what I want to do to make room for anything that needs changing or improvement. I set short and long-term goals and aim for them as much as I can. I have a notebook, a planner or a bullet journal for almost everything – daily tasks, work, shop errands, financial, diary logs, books to read, what to do and all those that come between. Organizing my life and setting up what I want to do in my everyday to until 30 years ahead became a part of my system… but my streak only to be broken almost on any situation.

There are really moments when no matter how much you’ve planned, you somehow screw it up somewhere in the process and you’ll keep asking how and why. Life just doesn’t allow things to happen even though you’ve set hours or weeks and even months sticking to what you thought is a fail-proof plan.

But know what? God allows. He gave us freedom to choose what we want to. But it doesn’t mean everything is beneficial for us.

He has his reasons why your 5-year relationship didn’t make it, your business failed and wasted millions of money, you had to almost swim to get home due to flood, or why your mom was taken away from you so early on. We question Him, we ask why, we doubt his ways and even ask hundreds of times if it’s still worth all the piles of Moleskines we normally use. We ask that every single time something doesn’t go our way, but also every single time, we usually fail to remember two things:

What God has planned for us is always better than what we have in mind

We plan how our life will go before we get married, before we go for our trip to Maldives, or simply aiming for latin honors, but He wants us take another path and another destination. He knows what’s best for us and knows which way to get us there. So it doesn’t mean that he allowed you to choose something for yourself, it will be what it is.

Before I got into college, I always wanted to become a lawyer, but with a play of fate, I wasn’t able to do that. I told myself, once I finish my Fine Arts degree, I’ll take Political Science. Now I’m 2 years off college, but I don’t think that plan is coming true anymore. I’m lead somewhere else. I don’t hate it, but sometimes I question why it had to be this way. But then I know, it’s His plan after all and I look into the brighter side of my current situation.


It’s in His time, not ours

God is never late. He gives us just what we need at the perfect time.

It may take months and even years before God shows us his plan. Sometimes, we may have already forgotten He somehow owes us at least an explanation. But He always makes it up to us and with always a better comeback that what we could imagine.