My 2020 in Bullets

I have not posted anything since May 2019. I even had to check previous posts to know if I followed a certain format to sum up my year, and I found My 2016 Gratitude in Bullets + NYR post, of which I started with the words "2016 sucks." Well, past Azelle, 2020 sucked more. 2020 … Continue reading My 2020 in Bullets

I’m a TaMaroon now

Taking an MA degree was part of my plan before I even finished my undergrad. This year, 3 years later, I had the guts to finally pursue it. I was initially torn between 5 great schools - UP-D, UP-M, DLSU, ADMU and UST. My choice became clear when I listed down 2 important things I needed … Continue reading I’m a TaMaroon now

Me on My Thoughts of Living (and How God Gives Us Trials)

Today, I learned that my colleague Stephen is diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia, he's confined in the ICU and is currently in a really bad state. Prayers would be greatly appreciated. Somehow, it sank in. Life is unpredictable. To be honest, Stephen and I aren't really close and been only working together for 2 short … Continue reading Me on My Thoughts of Living (and How God Gives Us Trials)