I’m Azelle. Born as Andrezell, and as early as the first minute of meeting someone new, I already tell them not to call me that. I had to live with that name for some years during my elementary and high school days so if someone addresses me with it, I know it’s someone from my old school, if not.. it’s my best friend who fancies calling me Andreselyn Mae.

Why the hate? Okay, hate might be too much. It’s probably more of dislike with passion.

It’s too unique that I stand out whenever on a list of name calling. And people never pronounce my name properly. So I decided to shorten it to what it is now.

Now, moving on from nomenclatures and growing up.

I’m a 20-ish INTJ Fine Arts graduate who finds happiness with writing about life, love and travel. I fancy pasta, coffee crumble ice cream and pizza in that particular order and will most likely do almost anything utterly humiliating for a slice of Blueberry Cheesecake.

I write using a lot of commas, dashes, modal verbs and past participles. And recently I’ve been fancying non-fiction books (more of motivational books than bibliographies) and bullet journaling.

I’m strong-willed (or so I think) and my two ultimate pet peeves are liars and BS.

I’m currently a contributing writer to When in Manila and Though Catalog where I mainly features local establishments, my OOAK experiences, and my opinionated feelings towards social interests and love. My personal slash an attempt of a lifestyle blog, Life, Lemons, and Escapades, on the other hand, is a ground for my opinions, experiences and travel that could hopefully inspire someone.

Pre-graduation, I enjoyed my dear time as a writer-turned-editor (Patnugot ng Filipino) in the official student publication of my university. My column, Balangkas, served as a ground for my innate opinions in the social community.

Apart from my extreme love for blueberry cheesecake, writing and blogging, I work at advertising firm Ogilvy & Mather (Social@Ogilvy) as Engagement Manager. (No, I do not prepare couples to get married.)

When I’m not lost in the thoughts of writing – I’m a dreamer, an entrepreneur, and a lost soul in search of a purpose. I devote most of my free time playing Ragnarok Online, Pokemon and other mobile games for pasttime, scrolling through 9gag and ranting nonsensical thoughts and notes to my unlucky friends.

Want to say hi? Do a collab? You can contact me through here or e-mail at azelle.lee@gmail.com.


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