Bucket List

Thought I’d share my list to people. It makes me add a little personality to my blog other than being judged with its color scheme.

BTW, since this is personal, some of you might find me a little (or a lot) weirder than expected. So brace yourself.


I honestly hate travelling. I have bad motion sickness, and I can easily go ngalay. I can’t last too long in any closed vehicle for more than an hour without getting dizzy and feel like puking. But somehow, seeing and living the destination is always worthy enough for me to endure all that.

A selfie with the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France and go to the top of it

It’s one of the most mainstream dreams, right? I love the Eiffel Tower and the thought of going there amuses me.

Visit Niagara Falls in the United States

First time I saw the Niagara falls it was from the Nickelodeon show Fairly Odd Parents. After that I simply fell in love with it. I don’t usually like any waterscapes but this huge body of a water might be one of the greatest exception.

Ride a boat through the city in Venice, Italy

Because why not? Italy and London are two of my most grail travel locations. As of yet, I couldn’t imagine myself doing this since I’m entirely captivated by the thought of doing this someday.

See Bangui Windmills and Vigan City in Ilocos, Philippines

Just because.

Visit Wawa Dam (completed in April 11, 2015)

Look at itttttt! It’s a big of an artificial waterfall. Sad to say when I went there it wasn’t the best of seasons so it wasn’t as spectacular as how I saw it on Google Images.


Go to Tokyo, Japan

I don’t attend cosplay conventions anymore locally due to numerous reasons. But I want to know how it’s like to do so in the heart of the community. Plus…. cherry blossomssssssss!




Spend 3 days (or more) somewhere far, alone

Soul-searching? maybe. I need that escape from life’s dramas and pressure and I wanna do it alone with myself where I can think of what to do with my life.

Take up Political Science

Always wanted to take this course but my parents didn’t allow me to. I really want to study again and take it up for good.

Create a memory jar

Other than photos, it’ll be nice to have a reference to all those good memories.

Be a bride’s maid

IDK.. I just want to? Dear sister, please get married now..

Cover a wedding

I want to see that look on the bride and groom’s face and capture it in the most memorable way possible.

Ride a zip line (completed in 2015, Tagaytay, Philippines)

That feeling of flying, the test of heights. I thought it would be fun, and it was indeed. Went to Tagaytay with my friends and got to experience it.


Eat pasta in Italy

I love pasta and I can die in peace if I get to taste authentic pasta from the nice home of Italy.

Go to a floating lantern festival

Yep. Disney’s Tangled inspired.

Ride a hot air balloon

This thought I can’t get rid of. Like how amazing would it be to fly above the sky without the limits of an airplane? I’m not even afraid of heights so I’m sure it’ll be fun.

Befriend a European guy (met an Italian in 2010, a Brazilian in 2015, don’t ask how)

Blow actual Dandelions

Like how I imagine it in fantasy films and books..

Hug a furry dog bigger than me

Living pillow? Like ughhhh. they’re so cuddly!!

Publish a novel

One of my terrible frustrations as an artist is writing my own novel and publishing it as a hard copy.

Lucid Dream

Doesn’t it sound great to experience controlling your own dream?

Learn French and be good at it

I always wanted to learn French and I started to do so with a great site I encountered. However I probably don’t have enough motivation to continue it.

Ride a horse

Because it seems fun, and cozy to ride a horse and go around a vast field.. just like in dreams.

Learn archery and marksmanship

Archery and marksmanship are my two frustrations when it comes to sports. Whenever I watch any movie or anime, I usually get fond of the archer and gunner.

Own a PomSky

Some say it’s a very rare cross breed and doing so depreciates the value of both breeds but I really want this cute furball hybrid.

Get married and have kids

I’ll get there.. hopefully.

Dye my hair red

Dark red/bloody red, not vibrant red.

See Aurora Borealis

Huhuhuhu. I even named my camera Aura short for Aurora because of Aurora Borealis. Photos amuses me so much, what more seeing the actual thing. Why is the North so far far away.

Have a date with a male celebrity

Stop. don’t judge. We all have that dream. Locally, I’ll go with Paulo Avelino, internationally probably Skylar Astin.

Learn to drive a car

When I was young, my dad told me he’ll teach me when I graduate college. It’s almost 2 years now and still waiting. I really want to.

Dance waltz in the tune of Can I Have This Dance of High School Musical

HSM is a big part of my childhood, I can still sing to almost alltheir songs up to date. And needless to say Can I have this Dance is one of my favorite, and Waltz just goes with it so much.

Use a Daenerys Targaryen as a name in a Starbucks drink

And I mean her full name.. Daenerys Stormborn of the House Targaryen, the First of Her Name, the Unburnt, Queen of Meereen, Queen of the Andals and the Rhoynar and the First Men, Khaleesi of the Great Grass Sea, Breaker of Chains, and Mother of Dragons

Do a color run

Seems fun! Along with the though of generous paint ball! :>

Have a work published (completed in 2011, Otakuzine Anime Magazine)

Before joining FEU Advocate, I was part of Ozine’s writing team. This was probably the first time I got my work physically published.

Buy a ball joint doll (completed in 2014)

First time I saw BJDs were from a convention I attended some years ago. I didn’t appreciate them much till I met a friend who owns one. That’s when I decided to by one… then two… and three.. and counting.



Have my hair permed

Always. Wanted. Curls.

Play snow ball fight

Snoooooooow. When you live in a country with only two seasons (rainy and summer) and two weathers (hot and very hot) it’s frustrating to know that some parts of the world are enjoying the greatness of snow.

Make a scrapbook for my baby

Because someday, I want him/her to look at it and laugh a little on how naive he/she was and how he/she grew up to be a better person.

Bake a cheesecake

Cheesecake and Blueberry cheesecake is my most favorite cake. I’ve only made no-bake versions and I would love to make a real cake by baking one.

Write a letter to my past self (completed in 2014)

Tell myself to stop being something and strive for something. It’s a nice experience.

Get lost while on vacation.

The feeling of not planning what to do makes me excited. I wanna experience getting lost on vacation and getting lost in the thought of freedom and escape from the real life.

Sing a duet in a car with my husband. Much like this

Cuteeeee. right?