I can name 7 guy friends that I can talk to about either shit in life, or literally actual shit. And that’s how I pretty much define how I gain friends.

and the 1 girl? It’s my sister and it’s probably because she has no choice but to deal with me.

It’s a funny thing because I actually don’t have many friends to come up with a stupid ratio, but I rather keep my circle small and tight.

I’m not actually complaining about having more guy friends, it’s actually one of my most favorite things from my existence. And I certainly don’t mean to offend the few girl friends I actually have. It’s nothing personal, but most of them I only talk to when situations call for it unlike my guy friends…

Some may disagree, but I really think I’m like Robin Scherbatsky of How I Met Your Mother  and here are some things to prove that:

1. Common interests.

I like hiking and adventures and games. I hate drama. I like things plain and simple. I like going through the woods and mountains than going around a mall to shop. I hate complicating things, making a big deal out of little issues and I love it spontaneous. Those are just to name a few. I still do have girly qualities (lol) like receiving flowers or talking about hot guys, but that’s the side I can also keep away from.

2. “These emotions are bloody inconvenient” – Lucifer (2016). 

I don’t mind listening to stories and all, but whining, tears and overacting are things I never learned to deal with. I’m not trying to be sexist, but since guys usually don’t make a big deal out of things, there’s less drama, less conflict and less emotional discussion. So when they actually do become emotional, you know they’ve been strong for too long.

3. We talk about girls.

It’s amusing when guys start talking about girls. What they hate, what they like, how they act around them. I usually learn a thing or two about their common perspective and defend girls as need be.

4. And lots of male opinions too.

I have wondrous questions I want to know about guys, too, especially on the way they think and generally how other guys think. I get free counseling sessions when I also like a guy or when a situation comes where guys know what other guys think.

5. I don’t get judged on how much I eat.

Because they will always eat more than me. With girl friends, I usually look like a pig, but with guy friends, I seem to have the worst appetite.

6. They don’t mind weird and possibly gross things.

Sweatpants and a messy bun? No bath for 2 days. Talking about literal shit. They’re more than likely to take it as a bro thing than a gross thing like most girls do. I can’t imagine myself talking to one of my girl friends about how my dump looked like.

7. Their POV is different.

I dunno if this has anything to do with gender. But if women are difficult to understand as they say (and I certainly agree to it) they have a unique POV that probably comes from a general guy trait, keeping it simple and being logical than subjective than most girls are.

8. They are usually straightforward with anything.

I don’t want to generalize it, but guys are more straightforward than girls. Like “you got fat ” versus “it’s just your top” or “You are just overacting” versus “he’s obviously wrong and should apologize or else.” Do you get what I mean?

9. You get a “honey” and a “dude” with no strings attached.

Basic and certainly my favorite. You get doors open, you get sermons, and you get protected. A boyfriend and a bro at the same time. You become the princess (as I love to feel lol) of the group. They usually get me to my house before they go to their own. And not that I support the idea, but they would be willing to go on a fistfight to protect you.