Bad Experience with @runwaydollshop on Instagram

Hey guys! I don’t normally post these kinds of things since I’m not necessarily someone who rants on my blog, but please bear with me as I share my bad (and probably my worst) experience with an online shop I found on Instagram.

So just a short background, I buy online a lot, mainly because I’m not fond of the outdoor world. I’ve bought from Ebay, Amazon, Taobao, Etsy, Facebook, Instagram – really name it. So I’ve encountered lots of different sellers in my lifetime and online shopping isn’t new to me at all. Not to mention I personally own a tailoring shop based online. I practically live on the internet so I have both buyer and seller experience. I’ll try my best not to be biased on this post, but it’s gonna be pretty subjective when it comes to the items I got.

I became a little enthusiastic with shopping through Instagram lately since it’s really pretty easy and convenient. You know, hashtags, and some good scrolling on the profile can get your bank account crying so easily. Recently, July 28 (Thursday night), I came across Runway Doll Shop on Instagram. (Wholesale Retail Resell Fashion Runwaydollshop on Facebook.)


They have nice items, a whole lot of followers on their profile, and lots of good client feedback that when I spotted one of the items I was looking for, I immediately DMed the shop on Instagram to ask specifics on the item I was eyeing. After some quick exchanges of convo and info, I went for some more scrolling till my imaginary cart was full. I submitted an order form. After that, the shop (re)uploaded an item to their profile that I also liked. So I included it in the total payment I sent and noted to the shop as well that I’m having that added. She replied “Noted sa additional sis.”

My order consisted of the following: A long sleeve denim polo, a blue skater skirt, a buttoned up skirt, a white racerback sando, and the followed up item, a striped top.

So all I had to do was wait for my items to arrive and I’ll be a happy kid. @runwaydollshop sent me the tracking number the next day, and the package arrived to me on a August 2, Tuesday. I was very excited to open them only to find out three things:

  1. The supposedly long sleeve denim polo I ordered was a sleeveless denim polo with a front tie.
  2. The supposedly blue skirt I ordered was actually a dark blue skirt.
  3. The striped top I added on my order was not in the package.

Obviously I DMed @runwaydollshop again to ask what happened, this was August 2 night. Note that I didn’t even get mad or anything, just asking and hoping for a proper resolution to my concern. I even told her that I should have sent photos of my order to avoid confusion in reference to the denim polo I got. I also check their shop about three times to see if the “item code” I used for my order was the same as the one I received since I thought I might have mistakenly named my order wrong, but there was no such item in their profile.

After specifically raising my issues, @runwaydollshop seenzoned me a short while after that. During the time, I was already expecting a reply since she already read it, but she didn’t. I thought to myself, since the shop has a Wed-Thurs-Fri 9am to 11pm business hours, I let it pass since it was a Tuesday.

I waited for a reply the next morning but there was none. What pissed me off was the fact that she was uploading positive client feedbacks in her profile that morning even though she already read my complaint the night before. How ironic. When night time came, I DMed her again to tell her I’m being patient because I know she’s busy and that I know that the value of what my order isn’t that big, but I hope she resolves it anyway as a professional. I told her I don’t want to start a fight, but if she chooses not to reply at all, I won’t hesitate to spread my experience with her shop in my social media accounts. Guess what? Not long after, @runwaydollshop replied.

She told me that the items I bought were based on the order form and the amount I paid. On their records, I had the complete package too (she meant I had no missing item based on their inventory). She even said, quoting, “Please understand that there may be slight differences in color due to lighting used.”

As you can see on the photo (lower right item), the product photo is a much lighter shade of blue, and the material is a smooth fabric, whereas the one I received is a textured dark blue fabric (photo is a little reddish). Not to mention that the item barely fits me when it says it’s freesize and fits small to large frames. (FYI my waist is 27 which could pass as medium but the fabric seem to be on it’s max stretch already)

During the time, my biggest concern were the wrong item, and the missing item. So I let the color difference pass despite knowing that the picture on @runwaydollshop’s profile is a different item from the one I received.

She asked photo of the denim polo I received, to which I sent her everything in the package I got. She apologized for the wrong item and told me that the packer assigned to me might have made a mistake. She asked me to ship the item so she can issue a replacement. I asked for her details and also told her that I’m hoping she can send the missing striped top when she ships the correct item. And she replied, quoting again, “your package is tagged complete. So if you are insisting na wala talaga, know that the replacement will be deducted to the worker assigned to your package. Kasi ok naman yun inventory report.” She also sent me her shipping details along with the note of me using JRS or LBC only as their place was a bit remote to be reached by other couriers. She lives in Cavite so that’s more expensive too compared to shipping it to Manila.

To me, it sounded as if she’s somewhat accusing me of lying and also tapping my conscience as if it was my fault that the worker would have a lesser paycheck. I had a hunch that the order form the worker might have received is the one I sent, not including the additional but idk. And tbh, I don’t think it’s my fault that the worker had the wrong items packed nor was it my responsibility to make sure that it’s logged in from their end. She could have also asked me to resend an order form with the additional item as well like what I do with my own shop.

After I sent her the photo was also when I realized that the skater skirt I bought had about 2 inches unsewn part. How sad right. Good thing she said she’ll have it replaced as well.

So I went to JRS August 4 morning to ship her the wrong and defective item which costed me an additional P120. Which she never even thought of reimbursing even though it was clearly their fault. I sent her the photo of receipt and she told me she’ll have the item shipped August 6 after she receives the ones I sent. Afterwards, I inquired if she can possibly ship some items to me together with the replacements as I planned on buying some more from her. She didn’t reply though until I hit her up on Viber.

We were both calmer in the conversation then, probably because the issue somehow subsided already. I added a few more items and she told me she’ll have it shipped together with the long sleeve denim, the replacement for the defective skirt and the missing striped top.

Today, August 9, I received the package with excitement but only to get disappointed again.

  1. The buttoned up skirt I ordered from @runwaydollshop were different from the first one I received. It’s the same as the one on photo, but different from the first buttoned up skirt I got. Making them inconsistent. What I hate the most is the fact that the first buttoned up skirt I got was made of a lovely stretchy fabric, but this one was a stiff very maong type of fabric.

I even posted it on my IG because I loved it. Loved it so much that I bought 2 additional ones. But only to get disappointed by the quality. And this second batch of skirt don’t even fit me by my hips. First one I ordered was large and it was a little loose so the next ones I ordered I opted for medium instead. wouldn’t fit at all. Fabrics won’t evne overlap to each other.

2. The trouser pants were too much for me to handle…

 I got the supposedly peach one (lower left) while the actual product is a salmon pink with wider leg hole and made of chiffon. It had a lining inside but only enough to cover your bum, the rest is almost see-through. Obviously two different products. I don’t even have to apply my tailoring shop skills to know that these two are totally different items.

Okay, I do get that the photos she uploaded were probably just inspiration, but there was no label on the caption or photo that it was just a peg AND the product I got, especially on that last one is way way far from the photo they used. And the way she replied to me was a little unprofessional for me even though she did apologize saying it was her first time encountering a complaint.

I posted a photo on IG that links to this page, and you can read all the other complaints from the same shop in the comments section by clicking below.. It’s not a “just me” experience nor am I destroying someone else’s reputation. @runwaydollshop did this to themselves.

I left a message of yet another complaint to @runwaydollshop, but right now, I’m not even expecting a reply more so a resolution. EDIT: She already blocked my IG account. So I’m just right here raising awareness not just of this shop, but all the other shops out there. Let’s all be careful.

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8 replies

  1. OMG sis. Ang hilig ko pa naman mamili sa Instagram. Thank you sa warning. Nakakatakot naman. Buti wala pa ko naexperience similar issue


  2. This is the very reason why I avoid buying online, especially gadgets and clothes. Be careful next time. I hope the shop replys to you and fix it


  3. This is just sad and pathetic. It’s one thing to make a business and another to hustle people out of their money, to waste their time and effort as well. After being talked to so professionally and calmly only to be in vain and receive the same, if not slightly worse, bullshit is just amazing for @runwaydollshop. I will make sure to spread this awareness to all the people I know who likes to shop online, especially in Instagram.


  4. I remember seeing a facebook post about shops like these warning people not buy from those shops because most of their items are defective and they don’t give you the actual item you see in the photos they post. I do suggest before you order items from online shops you make sure they’re legit, not by how many followers they have on instagram or likes, check their reviews, ask other people you know who likes to shop online as well ask them about how legit your target online shop is, you could also ask customers of your target online shop if the shop gives good quality items or not. Also when your ordering items you get to talk to the shop owner ask him/her of actual pictures of the item to be sure about the item you’re going to order.


  5. Medyo nalito ako s post m na to. At first you said you found out you received only three things, you didn’t mention that you also received the buttoned up skirt and white racer back Sando as ordered but anyway, ganyan talaga sis. Hehe I was a reseller of her before. she also entertains complaints but just like other shops, buyer dn sumasagot ng shipping pabalik (although on my shop buyer dn pnapasagot ko ng sf for returned items but if proven defective or what, we reimburse the sf paid by the buyer but thanks God so far wla pang returned items) anyway, it’s purely business Sa kanya sis. Unfair no?pero dati pa ganyan na talaga shop niya kaya nga I stopped reselling her items kc ayokong masira online, although my good quality items dn naman siyang bnbenta like the punny Joni jeans. Ang Ganda pa dn nman sana ng ibang bnbenta niya kc nga basic. My Nabasa pako dati na someone ordered skater skirt it’s 2-3″ shorter than stated n the product description niya.hehe I experienced dati 2weeks before dumating ang order ng buyer ko syempre kaka stress kaya vibe sayo ang buyer everyday, ang tagal pa magreply ni Runwaydollshop although sent na niya ang tracking number pero 2weeks talaga na di xa mtrace hanggang nreplace niya ng bago and pina LBC express niya nlg. Idk anong nangyari dun s first item na ipinaship niya bakit di mtrace. Actually hanggang ngayon I view her profile sometimes and I don’t know why 😂😂 c littleangelstuffco dn I bought baby shoes Sa kanya dati 5-6pairs only to know ung isang shoes wlang inner lining sabi niya Lang di nman nakikita and nka sale un. Eh wla akong choice inexchange ko nlg s friend ko ung akin, same design but bigger size. anyway next time Ingat nlg tayo sis it’s a hard earned money but my sellers lng tlga na business lng, wlang personalan. Kc ikakalugi nga namn nila pag sagot nla sf back and forth. Haist. Ganyan tlga ang risk of buying online. Before you buy, matyag muna s shop bka may ngcocomplaint na every post niya. Di maiwasan if maraming complaints Sa shop, magcocomment at magcocomment ang mga un pag my new post ung shop Kc alam nila online c seller.hehe Hayaan m na sis wla nman na tayong magagawa let karma do it for us nlg and let’s just continue satisfying our own buyers. Cheers!❤️


  6. Hi. I’ve been reselling her items for 2 years now. And best sellers talaga yun products nya. I was able to buy my own car from reselling with runwaydollshop. So far ok naman minsan nadedelay ng 1-2 days. Pag may rejects binabalik ko sa kanya. Basta maayos mo lng sya kausapin. Pero all good naman transactions namin and from what i know may mga tauhan sya na nagpreprepare ng parcels. She’s very considerate naman if may defects. Just like sa case mo, she did replace the package. Minsan lng talaga ang tagal nya magreply. Sa dami cguro ng orders and nurse supervisor ata kasi yun. Sikat yun shop nya talaga lalo na here sa rosario kasi apo sya nung mayor namin before so legit naman. Perhaps di lang maiwasan na may package issues minsan. Marami ako suppliers before, pero sa kanya lang ako tumagal. Yun iba kasi walang consideration lalo na yun omgivshop. Ang sama ng ugali nun! Hope maayos nyo pa yun issue.


    • Hi. Thanks for your opinion. Wala naman akong sinabing hindi siya legit, mabait din naman siya, I give her that, but my primary concern is that her items are really far from the actual products she’s sending. Yung last photo palang says a lot. Sobrang bait ko sakanya at patient sa conversation namin. Ni hindi ako nagalit or anything. As you can see on the post, it took her 24hrs to respond to me even though she already read my post minutes after I sent it. She did replace my package naman eh, pero the way she talked to me about it sounds like she’s insisting she has no fault. Tapos FYI, bnlock niya ako after I posted a feedback about her. She only posts nice feedback that’s why I bought from her. E kaya naman pala.. You can read abouther issue on my IG post, ang daming complaints sa comments. Kahit ikinasira ng aesthetics ng IG account ko to hell with it. I want people warned.



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