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Takeaways of Comforting a Broken-hearted Friend

There’s always two people in a relationship. One who loves, and one who loves more. A friend of mine is in the moving on phase, aka, hell. And summing all our conversations up, I think I also learned from what I said than what she can fully absorb. And I’m sharing it here for anyone

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On Friends, Badminton, Chinese and Caffeine

Other than my first grind of Badminton in so many years, nothing calls for a blog post again other than yesterday. My friends from South and North went to Binondo for a nice game of Badminton – Makati (Louie and Armen), Taguig (Mai) and Quezon City (Adrian), and Christian from just Quiapo.

My Guy:Girl Friend Ratio is a 7:1 and Why I Love It

I can name 7 guy friends that I can talk to about either shit in life, or literally actual shit. And that’s how I pretty much define how I gain friends. and the 1 girl? It’s my sister and it’s probably because she has no choice but to deal with me.