Have you ever encountered someone in your life that for some reason, never or rarely feels pessimistic about life? That somehow, despite the situation, manages to flash a smile and think about the positive side of things and carry on?

This is for the 30-day writing challenge I’m currently doing.

I have one. And I’m glad he’s (he’ll be) my best man.. if and when I get married. Is that allowed?

I realized I never dedicated a single post to my best friend, and now’s probably a good time.

He was new in our block section back 2011 when I was in my second year. I felt obligated to befriend him because he looked Chinese, and I’m Chinese. (Apparently he wasn’t lol) Long story short, because of that, he became a part of our barkada, which later on scattered into mini groups, and we were the only ones left together.Which honestly, is one of the best things that has ever happened to my college years.

You see, when I was in my first year in college, I frequented cutting classes (which lead to failing a subject.) Most of my grades were borderline low as well. My free time were mostly dedicated to playing online games in the computer shops in front of our school, or ending up wasting time instead of doing our school works.

That stopped when I met him.

He was a scholar, which made me feel a little insecure about my grades, my studying habits and how I’ve been acting in the past year. Our classmates were mostly idolizing him due to his high grades, to the point that I knew I had to strive too. He served as an inspiration back then.

I was also encouraged to join the university paper because he was also part of it which made the organization sound pretty good to me. It was always my plan, but since my ‘former’ friends weren’t the studious type, I scrapped that idea to be with them, which something I really regretted. I was with the wrong people around me.

My striving to be the better version of myself heightened too when we switched section. We call them Blue team due to an activity in class which involved blue paint. They were also studious (not nerdy kind of studious like in movies, but they are a little OC with grades since they were going for Latin honors)


Goig back, you see, I’m also a big ranter. I complain about a lot of things and I’m almost always pessimistic about everything (in my defense, I call it realistic). But he never was. Despite multiple hurdles along the way, he stays positive. Even when his scholarship got cancelled for a semester, and even when some of our professors practice Russian roulette on our grades, he tries to see the better.

All my problems sounded little when he’s talking about the bright side of things. He’s like a walking proton even to present times. I’m actually working on trying to be as positive as him but I fail hard. But it’s nice to see that someone actually sees the better of things and it’s something that I should be adapting.

It probably sounds too cheesy and weird as *just* a best friend, but I’ll say we grow together as individuals. We strive for our better selves. Mainly because we learn from each other, or at least, I do from him. He’s got my back when I need help, and I got his. We even abide the bro code. Lol.

My friends try to always stay positive and see the light in things and I’m really glad I met all of them. They’re the best. Hi guys!