Last July 3, our teenage feels came true. We were a group of 12 adults (!!) trying to blend in with a lot of 6-8 year-old kids jumping up and down and running around trampoline panels to our heart’s content.

It was because two weeks ago, my friend Gian panicked over getting a discounted ticket to Trampoline Park in Metrodeal when he only had 10 minutes left to purchase. Apparently, the discounted tickets were renewed to another 24 hours (forever, actually) afterwards. So he PMed a lot of his friends to join him in his impulse buy hahaha.

Gian set up our reservation via their Facebook page a week before.

We met up in Jollibee Shaw at 3pm and headed to Trampoline Park around 5 minutes walk away. The staff gathered up our printed Metrodeal vouchers. Grip socks were required in the park area since it can be very dangerous. They were sold for 100 per pair, but if you have one by any chance (from a competitor such as Jump Yard, like our friend Gian and Jed) you can use that too. We were given paper bracelet to distinguish our group and entry time. Ours were pink, like our socks (So gaaay)

After the short video orientation, came the fun part. Here’s a photo of my blurred buddies. Lol.



I’m gonna be honest, jumping a few times the first time made me feel dizzy. Who knew trampolines can get you all sweaty too.

Here’s me taken by Royce.


And Gian being fab.. ish.


Other photos of completing our childhood throwback.

I would have loved to try volleyball since they had an area meant for it complete with the actual ball and the net, but I didn’t dare ask since there were too many people to think they would actually allow us.

The whole experience was fun, but to be honest, it’s not something I want to do again, unless with really great company like these people. It was tiring, and not to mention the risk of squishing kids in the process. They come and go from one tramp to another which was scary for the adults who don’t want to break any bones or hear any cries.


So here’s the 12 people who decided it was a nice idea to go for a jump. Photo grabbed from Grace or is it Gian LOL

Benok, Ayette, Lala, Grace, Gian, Lawrence (Jaysel’s BF), Jaysel, Jed, Armen, Royce, Me and Pem.

I remember when their staff were calling the attention of our group. “Single pink band, single pink band, time’s up.”

Yep, hanggang dito pinagdidiinang single ako hahaha.

Anyway, moving on from the park, we ended up having dinner in Pasto in Shangri-La. I decided to try the Marinara.

Not ‘wow’ but not bad.

We had random conversations and Gian even brought us brownies that he baked that morning for us. So we had dessert. I’m no fond of dark chocolate but I’m gonna say Gian makes one of the best brownies hahaha.


Photo grabbed from Aicel

After we ate, half of the group decided to go home while the other half indulged in caffeine, tea, and frappe at Starbucks.

We had random convos about life, our Palawan trip, and a lot of different things.

Around 8:30, Armen, Pem, Royce and I left to ride the train while the other two, Gian and Jed took the bus. Armen was for South Bound so we had to go separate paths on the train platform. So our random conversation about life, love and shenanigans continued with Pem and Royce just before I moved to line 2 when we reached Cubao.

Tiring experience it was – from Trampoline Park, to Pasto, to Starbucks, but definitely one of the moments where our friendship grows stronger. Days when all we had to think about were not getting late to class, buying bubble sheet and finishing plates are over and reality is hitting us all with adulting. 

Credit: Some photos are grabbed from ether of the 12 people LOL