Other than my first grind of Badminton in so many years, nothing calls for a blog post again other than yesterday. My friends from South and North went to Binondo for a nice game of Badminton – Makati (Louie and Armen), Taguig (Mai) and Quezon City (Adrian), and Christian from just Quiapo.

I used to play Badminton with Louie and Armen in Makati. (And when I say I used to, it was only one time hahaha) But I am extremely annoyed with commuting that there wasn’t a next time to that. Because of Eid’l Fitr, July 6 was declared a non-working holiday and the chance to play wasn’t spoiled when they agreed to go to Binondo instead.

Citismash Badminton Center Binondo is only a 10-minute walk away from my house which was glorious for me. Thank heavens that they were open and the rates were usual.

Adrian arrived first. I like to believe he was just excited instead of him reasoning it was because of parking space. Hahaha. I got there around 1pm which was our supposedly call time.

I changed clothes and tied my hair and done our usual palo-palo warm up (as I’d like to call). Christian arrived soon after. and the other 3 got there around 1:40 after probably getting lost for a few hahaha.

Court 8 became my favorite since by coincidence, we had this court 3 of the 4 or 5 times I played.


It was only then that I found out too that it was only Mai’s second time in Binondo yesterday. Which was amusing for me.

Badminton became my only exercise (other than typing, ha!) so I try my best to make time for it s long as I have someone to play with, which wasn’t very often unlike Louie and Armen who played at least once a week. Evidently, my skills were a joke in comparison to them. But it’s great they told me I improved from when we first played last year. Congrats to me, because the past 4-5 games I only had after our first game paid off… ish. But still, totally no match. hahaha.


Around 4pm, we ended our game and decided to get food. Since they were new in the place, we, the Chinese people (LOL) were the ones who suggested on where to eat. Upon discussion (a long one at that) we decided to just push through with Ling Nam. Sadly, the place was crowded and auntie (who I assume is the owner) is insisting for us to sit at a 6-seater table, but one was occupied with another person. It was obviously awkward for the 6 of us to do that, and especially that person so we ended up coming out and looking for another place to eat… ending up in Lan Zhou Lamien.

We were the only group in the whole second floor of the place so our conversations were more comfortable than if we stayed in Ling Nam. I personally ordered their Beef Lamien and Black Gulaman. Sad to say, Lan Zhou is actually one of my least favorite Chinese restaurant so I didn’t appreciate it much.

Our conversations went from restaurants to eat in, exotic food to horror stories and spiritual beings. Adrian had a lot of stories to tell and it was enlightening for all of us to hear it with his overwhelming enthusiasm.

Around 6:30 we decided to call it a day. Christian had to walk home since his house was out of the way, but Adrian offered to drop the 3 of them in Polland (they were craving for Hopia) and me at home.

I changed my clothes to my comfy clothes and a glass of ice cream when Armen texted that they were in Starbucks. Sadly, Adrian was already far so he can’t come back anymore. But as for me and my craving for coffee and friendship (wow po) I went out again despite being lazy to change to another set of clothes and walk a good 15-minute to their location.


We had random conversations and stories again and I was happy I followed. We left Starbucks and called it a day before 9pm so they’ll reach the train station before the last ride.

Obviously, I had fun, and we discussed we should do that again. Maybe next time it should be us who should visit them in Makati 😀