2016 sucks. I know. But it’s a year where good things happened too. I had my share of bad things, but I rather remind myself of the good things that 2016 offered.


  • Started writing for Thought Catalog.
  • Bought a new laptop, GoPro and 2 phones.
  • Went to Palawan, finally.
  • Got an increase.
  • Started doing Bullet Journaling.
  • Started a new business.
  • Got an 18k+ reads/shares on one of my Thought Catalog articles.
  • Moved to a different career position, and I’m loving it.
  • Met some new forever friends.
  • Got 16 new books.



I don’t normally do New Year’s Resolution because I believe you don’t need a new year to be a better person. But hey, I want to remind myself by 2018 that hey, you made it this far, good job, carry on.

  • Blog more.
  • Less soft drinks.
  • Spend less.
  • Go out more.