My 2016 Gratitude in Bullets + NYR

2016 sucks. I know. But it's a year where good things happened too. I had my share of bad things, but I rather remind myself of the good things that 2016 offered. Started writing for Thought Catalog. Bought a new laptop, GoPro and 2 phones. Went to Palawan, finally. Got an increase. Started doing Bullet … Continue reading My 2016 Gratitude in Bullets + NYR

Chinatown During the New Year

After chocolates, stuffed bears and flowers keeping the in-love somewhat extra romantic and the singles slapped with their statuses, shortly comes the firecrackers, ang pao's and tikoys that heightens the excitement even for the non-Chinese. Chinatown, Binondo, is probably the heart of Chinese citizens, but somehow, people of all races come to this place once every year to take … Continue reading Chinatown During the New Year