I have not posted anything since May 2019. I even had to check previous posts to know if I followed a certain format to sum up my year, and I found My 2016 Gratitude in Bullets + NYR post, of which I started with the words “2016 sucks.” Well, past Azelle, 2020 sucked more.

2020 was a challenging year for many of us. Jobs loss, loved ones taken, lifestyles shifting, and time running so slow yet so fast. And I had my fair share of stuff happening to me that I’d like to document. And yes, it’s Jan 31, 2021 today and I am just writing this now 31 days too late.

  • Turned 26 in January, the last age for being in mid-20’s.
  • Resigned from my previous role as Engagement Manager in Ogilvy in February to pursue a role in another private firm as Operations Manager to get better pay and better opportunities. However, my starting date landed during PH lockdown and my start date got postponed from thereon with uncertainty.
  • Bought a Nintendo Switch to play Animal Crossing at the peak of its overpriced phase because I couldn’t contain my excitement (Got mine for 25k for the unit).
  • Got addicted for a long time, then suddenly stopped playing Animal Crossing about 2 months after. Woops.
  • Pursued freelance writing again for income as I wait for my official start date. Fortunately, I was able to score 2 clients in a short time, and that made me occupied while I waited.
  • PH went back and forth with ECQ and MECQ and that start date got moved further down to June 8.
  • June 5 morning, one of my clients as a freelancer asked if I was open to working with them full time and if I was willing to receive a job offer from them. I said yes because it was a good opportunity. On the afternoon of June 5, the HR of the company I was supposed to move to called me. Told me that because of government mandates, I would be in a skeletal workforce, go to the office based on specified schedule, but would likely only work about 50% of the month. For the days I wasn’t working, It’ll be no work no pay because I had no service incentive leave (SIL) yet available. It didn’t make sense for me to pursue since one of the primary reason I left my previous job was for better pay.
  • When I finally received the job offer from the company I was freelancing for, it was a better package and at a better setting— working from home and at 100$ of a working month’s time. It felt God sent that opportunity at the best time possible.
  • Learning a lot from my new job as a marketing consultant.
  • I’m down to my last semester before I finish my Master’s! The next one will be dedicated to focusing on my comprehensive exams to get my diploma.
  • The boyfriend, Dane, and I celebrated our 2nd anniversary! And going strong, despite the distance between us made by the pandemic.
  • Boyfriend and I only saw each other about 8 times in 2020.
  • Missed traveling, but it was for the better.

2020 had its fair share of both ups and downs. And I do wish it becomes better for everyone as we head to Feb 2021.