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It wasn’t planned- that’s how I want to start this post.

But it was one of the most fun times I had. For one, it was my first international getaway, and two, Singapore is the first place I wanted to visit for my first trip out of the country. It was definitely a good way to start 2017.

It all started when I saw a 2-day seat sale in Cebu Pacific around October 2016… Good thing I was able to convince Armen to come. We only paid 4,651php (131sgd) each for our RT fare.

My bro was nice enough to tell my dad to take me to the airport that morning. So yay!

Hi, father!

After paying our 1,620php travel tax, we decided to have our peso travel allowance changed in Singapore instead. (Bad idea, btw)

Our flight was not until 13:35. So Armen and I stayed in Tokyo Cafe till we had to board. We also ordered takeout for our lunch that we planned on consuming on plane as lunch. Delicious (and overpriced) 240php meal.


Due to some delays from VIP passengers, we were only able to leave around 40 minutes later from our schedule. To add to that, we were circling the air for a while due to a rainstorm in SG that prevented us to land at the proper time. So we arrive at Changi Airport around 6pm. Their airport is gorgeous (so much about being the top airport in the world) and has free 3-hour Wifi access to tourists by just scanning your passports in the designated machines. We also had our peso exchanged for SG dollars (1sgd:35.5php conversion, 34.22php conversion in NAIA), and we also bought local simcards so we can communicate better with our friends. Singtel’s (Globe equivalent in PH) tourist simcard costing 15sgd (533php), has 100 local SMS, 4gb data plan and 30mins international calls valid for a week.

My tita and little cousin was waiting for me when we exited. Gian and Jed were on the way as well to pick up Armen since he’s staying with them where we decided to meet up in Tanah Merah station instead.

Singapore uses a convenient commute transport system, their EZLink, (Philippines’ beep card equivalent) can be used for their MRT and bus transport. My tita was nice enough to let me borrow her extra EZLink, and even taught us how to top-up (load) in it. Their airport is connected to the train (!!!!)

We separated ways in the station as I was staying with my aunt while Armen will be staying with Gian and Jed.

My tita, cousin and I dropped off at Simei station to grab dinner at Shabu Sai in Eastpoint Mall. Food was delicious as they had an unlimited assortment of meat and veggies, and even rice and noodles for 25sgd per person and additional 2sgd each for bottomless variety of drinks and soft serve ice cream with a variety of sprinkles.

PS. It was really strange to hear Singlish in person, I wasn’t used to the accent despite hearing it a number of times from my conference call meetings. We all headed home in Tampines with ourselves full while they also taught me how to commute to their house lol. I was praying for my geography skills to kick in somehow so I can remember.

Upon reaching their home, I played with my little cousin and her stuffed chicken. Gian was very hands-on with our itinerary, our day 1 was meant for our trip to Universal Studios Singapore (USS). We bought our tickets through the lovely app Klook where it was around $13 cheaper, paying only 61sgd (2,167php) per person via Visa/MasterCard (debit or credit card allowed, additional bank charges apply). After confirming our meetup time, it wasn’t long till I dozed off after booking.

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