I’ve been wanting to go to Pinto Art Museum for the longest time now. I was able to come to the place and enjoy a great 15-hour umayan day with my two IG jowa’s, Armen and Maylene.

Starting off at an 11am call time at Santolan station (which needless to say, wasn’t 11am), Mai was surprisingly the earliest and the one on-time.

We took a quick 40-minute Antipolo-bound jeepney ride just outside Santolan station and dropped off near Shopwise Antipolo arriving around 12:40. With ourselves being hungry from our still food-less day, we decided to stay in The Daily Beans, which was on their second day of soft opening, to grab some light snack. Usual, I had my cheesecake and tried out their smoothie. (Stay tuned for the separate post for this coffee shop)

We left around 1:20 and rode a tricycle to Pinto Art Museum for P50 fare for all 3 of us. Arriving at the destination, this was what greeted us:


Not like we did not expect it considering the holidays but I had my hopes up. We paid for the regular rate of P200 as an entrance fee. Students who bring their school IDs are charged P100 only. Backpacks are not allowed inside, for some reason, but they have a baggage counter available to leave  your things.

And of course I had to take the obligatory Pinto Art museum shot with the obligatory blogger pose. Lol.


It’s a good thing Armen and Mai were very supportive of my vanity.

There are several galleries in the museum ranging from paintings to sculptures to concept art coming from different talented artists.

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The place is huge and tiring to explore. With the sun peeking in and the non-airconditioned place, I have to admit it was a little exhausting. (Tip: Bring an extra shirt!!) But that should not stop conceit and aim for gorgeous photos. Lol.



At around 4:00, we decided to grab something to eat. There’s a bunch of restaurants inside (likely affiliated if not the same restaurant). However, service is bad. You have to ask for everything before the crew would give it to you. During our stay, the restaurant ran out of ice too and most of their drinks were out of stock as well so we only had expensive P60 soda in can as choice. It was a bummer. The Vigan pizza (P385) was pretty decent though.

We left around 5:30 riding a tricycle (P60 shared by 3) to the FX terminal going (back) to Makati. It took a little while before the FX was full but the trip was pretty short since there was no traffic. Fare was P60 and we arrived around 7:40pm.

And then we decided to watch one film from the MMFF entries, Die Beautiful. Sadly, cinemas were full for the nearest schedule time so we had to take the last full show of 10:40pm instead (!!!) After getting the tickets, we decided to get dinner in Almon Marina (love their roast chicken btw even if I’m not a fan of it). And grabbed coffee in Plaza Cafe. We talked about life and college and childhood and food.

Die Beautiful was awesome, even though my seatmates were noisy af reacting to almost every single thing. Kudos to the Die Beautiful team.

Upon finish, Mai and I were surprised to find our Uber fares were cheap. Mine was only P162. But we decided to take a midnight walk to Armen’s condo to spend more umayan time with each other lol. We booked our Uber rides near his place and it only costed me P135 and took less than 30 minutes to get to my place. Stupid Waze though led us to Morayta instead of Jones Bridge so that was a little more extra time and route for us.

Anyhow, they were obviously proud of me for staying all night with them since I normally come home around 10pm for any occasion. I had a nice time with these two even though it wasn’t of my intention and happiness to come home so late – or should I say early in the morning. Lol. I was up until 4am before I could even sleep.

But hey, finally I got to see Pinto Art Museum and it was a spectacular experience despite several additional expenses we needed to spend to ease hunger lol.


Basic Expense:

P25 – Jeepney ride from Santolan station to Shopwise Antipolo

P17 (P50 shared by 3 people) – tricycle ride from Shopwise Antipolo to Pinto Art Museum

P200 – Pinto Art Museum entrance fee (P100 for students with IDs)

P20 (P60 shared by 3 people) – tricycle ride from Pinto Art Museum to Makati-bound FX terminal in Antipolo

P60 – FX ride from Antipolo to Makati


P322 – spent without the luxurious spending we did lol