I just realized how fast time flew away. It’s already 2 years since I got off university. And as days, months, and weeks go by, I’m starting to embrace the adult life.

At first, I thought of the idea as a funny thing. You know – adulting. I remember a few months after leaving college, I took a photo for my IG. Photo that contained 3 sheets of different forms that adults have- SSS, Philhealth, and TIN. A simple thought of just requirements of getting work, but my mind was still resting in how much I miss school.

Today, I fully realized, that since the day I took that photo, adulthood just really hit. I had bills to pay and even help in my sister’s tuition to date. I needed to get myself decent clothes for when I go to work.

I bought a freakin’ iron a month ago. AN IRON!! Never cared about getting anything ironed in my life, but now I apparently do.


And just last week, I had to buy a new case to  organize my personal documents in order. Now, I actually have important documents that needs to be properly filed and stored whereas before all my papers were scattered everywhere and I didn’t care if they get thrown out.

Yesterday, I was actually looking for kitchen utensils… thought we needed some new things in the kitchen. I was looking into the material for durability and the usability… like probably how moms would do.

Adulting is scary.

I’m getting old. I’m getting concerned about what’s happening with my life. I’m looking for directions that would take my to my goals. I don’t wanna waste time, I don’t take bullshits.

And I’m realizing that adulting is now part of my reality.