It’s been a while since I last posted food experiences. Been trying to deprive myself of restaurants for our upcoming trip in July. But now it doesn’t matter anymore if I’ll turn out to be a box on our beach photos, food is the nicest thing ever invented.

Everyone knows that my palate belongs to Italian cuisines. But only a few knows that Japanese dishes come next to it. So thank the good lords of appetites for placing a Japanese restaurant two minutes away from my house (and they deliver too in case I’m feeling extra lazy for that 2-minute walk). Sure, it’s probably not the most authentic place you can get sushi, but I rather have it than Chinese (how ironic).

And for the basics, one of my favorite is their Chicken Katsudon (mainly because I’m not really into anything pork lately)


Doesn’t look so nice for a plating, but the taste is important – it’s tasty, and not bland like the one I tasted from another restaurant)


Squid Teriyaki. I love seafood. It’s the greatest meat ever. So sad that this one didn’t make it to my expectations, probably because the serving is too small. But I really love the mixed veggies in the teriyaki sauce… the Chicken Teriyaki though is lovely.


I don’t want to talk bad things about food because their blessings, but this Seafood noodle soup is… hmmm. I’ll leave it at that.


And nowwwww to my favorite part. The Sushi Special Platter.


All of them are pretty common, but my favorite one is the Unagi Sushi (eel). It has a soft texture that somehow melts in the mouth with bursting flavors. *insert Shokugeki no Soma characters’ very conservative reactions here*

This became our go-to place when we feel lazy to cook or simply to satisfy our cravings for sushi and Japanese food. Prices are affordable pricing at 150-180ish per dish.

Sushi Yum is located at 836 Benavidez St., Binondo, Manila (next parallel street to Ongpin) and it opens around 11am daily.