Yesterday, I re-watched (for the nth time) 500 Days of Summer. And each time I do, it’s a real train ride down Feelsville. Then, I remembered why this film is close to my heart.. it’s because of Summer Finn.

I wrote something some time last week, Ang Ma-fall, Talo. Im not bitter at all; I just don’t live in the fantasy of fairy tales. I have had my own share of burning passion of love and breakdown kind of heartache so I understand both ways. But moving forward with life, I realize I share the same thoughts as Summer.

“There’s no such thing as love, it’s a fantasy.”

– Summer Finn, 500 Days of Summer

I don’t really buy the idea everyone puts on love. But being a realist, too, I want to be the one who can make someone feel like everything’s possible and that life’s worth it. Much like how Tom felt for Summer.

I also like how fate plays its part. I’ll get there too, hopefully, like Summer did- destiny intertwining the fates of two people. Someday, someone would change that definition for me, like we’re really meant to be and push away my mindset of love as a fantasy. While I’m also reading Dorian Gray, or looking like a mess in a public transport.. whatever, or whenever.

But, for now, I wanna keep things casual, and as long as I’m happy. I wanna focus on my career first, like Robin Scherbatsky of HIMYM.

Yep, early this year, I took time to watch all 9 seasons of HIMYM. And each episode just made me think I’m like Robin Scherbatsky. Tomboyish. Has established walls. Career-oriented. Sarcastic. Casual… to name a few.

Yep, I’ll probably freak out to if a guy tells me he’s in love with me on a first date. And since I don’t get the idea of the love thingy, it’s probably the same case for the next dates.

I also have a looooooot of guy friends. I barely talk to any girl in fact.

I hate pick-up lines too…. and….


Just as I mentioned before…

“Emotions are bloody inconvenient.”

– Lucifer Morning Star, Lucifer

I don’t have the capacity to make someone feel needed. I’m not needy. I hate having to depend on others if I can pull it off myself just to look ‘cute.’ I’m not hating on people who depend on others, or ask for other’s help, but personally, I prefer to do things solo whenever I can.

I remember dating someone before who loves to accompany me on where I go, even if he’s at least an hour away from my place. I love the effort, but usually, I’ll tell him not to simply because it wasn’t practical, and I’d like to go at my own pace.. simply because I can and don’t need any help.

“The future is scary, but you can’t just run back to the past just because it’s familiar.”

– Robin Scherbatsky, HIMYM

I know people who tend to live on the past, and that quote, sums up what I usually tell people. I ain’t really the girlfriend material (probably why I’m single LOL). I’m not the touchy-feely type. Nor the “I love you” shouting it to the whole world type. But someday, I wanna meet someone who’ll accept me as me and all the flaws with me.

And of course, summing up our most common love….


This is really a personal post, but it’s something that’s been bothering me for a while now of how much I can relate to these two fictional characters.. And it’s probably why I can’t stop myself fro watching new movies and series that can make me feel like my life would have a good ending.