I’ve been using Wordpress since 2013, and I only knew about daily prompts just now. Shame on me, I know. Then I thought, I’m gonna try and give it a shot to write daily posts using the prompts on their list. Right now, it’s… Read More ›

Why I Love Sunsets and Why You Should Too

I’ve always seen sunsets as a romantic rendezvous of fiction and reality. A postcard-perfect and Instagram-able shot that somehow conceals the stress of the daily grind. But for me, there’s more to drowning myself with the colors of sunset.

How I started a Business with ZERO Capital

We didn’t have enough drive to do so. We didn’t have enough positivty to think that it’ll work out after some serious grind. We got lazy before even starting anything. And I’m sure it’s one of the reasons why most people aren’t able to pursue any passionate interests. We want it easy.