My bro and I decided to eat out for lunch as our usual sibling date. We decided to head to SM Manila for a change. After we went up and down the escalators trying to find a good place to eat, we were left with choosing between one restaurant, and Mad for Pizza.

When we first came to Mad for Pizza, we took the chance of browsing the menu they had by their store front. One of their crew decided to greet us warmly by the door as we asked so much questions about their dishes.


One of my brother’s first reaction was, (NV) “hindi kami sigurado kasi di namin alam ‘yung mga lasa.”

Their employee of course, did the usual reply of all other employees. “Masarap naman yung mga pagkain.”

My bro and I looked at each other and we had the same thought in mind. “Syempre sasabihin mo masarap…”

She politely replied, “Ituturo ko yung mga best seller..”

Then she started pointing to the huge menu. My brother had his interest on their “Create your own pizza” version, which she gladly took out a checklist to show us as an example. I of course, had my eye on their pasta, my life’s weakness. She answered all our questions with a smile and not a hint of irritation despite them.

After we left, we decided to go through the rest of the restaurants in the third floor before fully committing our appetites. My bro and I then decided to just push through with Mad for Pizza, especially because of the friendly staff they had assisting us.

Sitting down, my bro then asked the same lady when the store opened. With no surprise, the branch only opened last April, which supported our suspicion that the store was new to our hearing. My bro jokingly asked if they had any “opening promos” or so that we can avail. Sadly they didn’t. But she offered to give us free dessert instead.

I decided to order their Chicken Alfredo (priced at Php258 for a “to share” good for 2-3 people) and my bro tried out their version of pizza parlor (priced at Php 288 for a 10″ 6 slices). My bro had a hard time choosing what to encircle from their list. He was actually kinda mad for pizza, literally Lol. But then he decided to settle on an “all meat” theme. The pizza we ordered had roughly around 8 different ingredients. He even asked if they were okay customizing the dough to stuffed crust and surprisingly they were actually fine with that. But my bro decided not to push through with it. But point is, they actually do!

Ate also offered us with their beverages, but we settled for water which she gladly gave after we decided on our orders.

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Sadly, I have no other photos of the Chicken Alfredo since I was already too hungry to realize I should have taken one. Serving size was as their waitress told us, at 2-3 people.

I couldn’t commend their Chicken Alfredo enough, and that’s with no exaggeration. The chicken was tasty unlike other restaurants who serve bland ingredients. It was marinated differently as well, and they didn’t seem to cut on the ingredients to lessen cost.

It’s very unusual for my brother to praise food, and he was actually impressed. With the price, I won’t even have second thoughts on buying it again.


When the pizza came, I was actually surprised to see the pizza full. Like, “wouldn’t this restaurant go bankrupt” kind of feeling. (倒産 in Japanese as my friend ate Lev says. Ha! Don’t ask me how to read that though.) But really, normally, more ingredients equals lesser quantity each right? Well the pizza we had does seem to look anything but cutting off ingredients. The last pizza parlor I had had lesser quantity… and the crust was so hard to cut that my friends decided to just use their bare hands lol. This one was different, it was tolerably easy to cut. Just one thing I noticed was cheese… the pizza lacked a bit more cheese. But I think that’s fairly normal for pizza parlors, or idk.

Later on, my brother got enticed by their lemonade from the menu so we decided to order their Raspberry Lemonade at Php 58. Surprisingly, it was blue. I’m not really fond of sour drinks or anything sour really, but my brother seemed to like the drink.

When we were about to finish our food, my bro asked to bill out. When the waitress came back, she actually brought us a dessert! For real! At first, my bro and I thought that it was just courtesy call since she didn’t know what to say, but I am actually impressed they did.


It’s a Mango Graham Ice Cream Cake.

And my sweet tooth couldn’t put into words how much I loved it. Like seriously, look at that gorgeous piece of sugar! Just the right sweetness and firmness of the whole thing (plus no signs of melting even after I finished it). I actually plan to make something similar some time haha!

Anyhow, besides the great food we had, was the friendly ate who assisted us. Their restaurant seem to lack manpower, but she seems not to mind and she always had this friendly and at-your-service aura for the bunch of times different tables called for her. She was extremely attentive and she even initiated to get me some more water when my glass came empty.

We learned that their crews were named after ingredients, how cool is that? She says her name is Parmesan, but her real name is Cha. I actually love the idea of naming.

To be honest, I had no intention of making this “review” thing, but Mad for Pizza’s great food and super awesome staff Cha makes me want to commend the restaurant with no hesitation. Don’t get me wrong, I am not affiliated with their staff or any of its management, but it’s seldom for me or my brother to get impressed, especially with food and more so customer service.

Before leaving, I decided to leave a short impromptu note commending their food and ate Cha. She surely deserves to be thanked.

I’m giving a 4.5/5 for the food we had, and a 6/5 for the customer service. and if you ask if we’re coming back to Mad for Pizza SM Manila, let’s just say I’m bringing more people along with me.