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What can you call a person who writes eBooks, literature, copies, SEO content, blog posts, print articles, web content, newsletters, non-fiction, does logo design, corporate branding, layout eBooks, offer sewing and crafting services via BPO, buy and sell goodies from the US and China, and run errands?

Me. Right after I gave up full time job.

I had no idea what to freakin’ do with my life right after I graduated. I have literally nothing to be proud of. No honors to paste on my forehead when I apply to work, no great reputable firms I got acquainted with, and even no skill I can call my expertise. Nope. Mediocre, really.

I only had 1 goal upon stepping to the actual world- to earn money and spend it for the things I can’t buy while studying. No one taught me about what it’s like in the real world except for a few pointers and a lot of “it’s better to study than to work” I can quote from my seniors. But no, I had no understanding of what they were talking about.

But who knew your first job can make you realize a bunch of things about life.. and to think it’s just the start.

Employees can be easily replaced.

People in the company I worked for come and go. And no, it didn’t ring a bell on anyone that we simultaneously got 3 marketing assistants in a span of 1 month when we only needed 1 and a bunch of other positions being filled goes empty again in just 3 days.

It pretty much says that there is someone out there who can do better, or be okay with a smaller salary, willing to take your position anytime you lose interest or will.

Attitude matters just as much as your skill.

When I left my work, I still had contact with some employees inside and all of them were ranting on the new graphic designer who took my place. They said he was always a suck-up; he’d find ways to look good to their boss, would push his own tasks to others, his work s are good but he would stay on the phone with personal calls for hours and is plainly irritating in all aspects. They hated him so much and apparently… this guy is now resigning for the sole reason that everyone hates him and he has no one he could call a friend, besides their boss who became as much annoyed like everyone else due to his attitude.

You need to adapt as fast as you can.

You wouldn’t have any classmates to lean on for assignments, or professors who would spoon feed you lessons or what you need to do next. You need to know how things work in your job, know when to ask, know the process and the people you need to encounter and all the other bull craps to get you outputs you need.

People would abuse you if you do things at a fast pace

I work fast, and I’m not even rushing. My normal pace is faster than most. Oh, there’s nothing wrong with that. But if you try to impress your boss by doing things 200% faster than usual, then expect yourself to be bombarded with more to-do’s. Other than that, when you really need to rush for an immediate deadline, you won’t be any faster than that and you’ll end up delayed or cramming for help.

Passion is what will get you going

This is probably the very reason why I quit that job. My passion doesn’t belong with graphic design so I had no solid reason to stay. Passion and love for what you’re doing is what will keep you going and doing something even if it fails or doesn’t go as planned.

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