1.pngBlink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking is a book that shares how psychology and behavioral economics affects the adaptive unconscious. It shows the power of thin slicing and snap judgment and explains it from multiples and multiples of researched social experiments and historical events.

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Blink is the first book I read from Gladwell. I actually don’t remember how I came across it, but I do recall myself being in awe on reviews before I bought one for myself. It might be one of my best book-buys so far.

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Gladwell categories the book into sections that split the type of thin slicing. Each one contains at least one example of a social experiment result or a historical event grounded from scientific data. What I appreciate most is how he dissects each one into bite-size chunks that can be easily swallowed by your average Joe. It makes reading more manageable than headache-inducing for psychology amateurs.

Blink doesn’t teach you how to do thin slicing and accurate snap judgments, but rather shows examples of how our unconscious affects our perception and how it can easily influence our decision-making without us knowing.

I personally liked the book because I have much amusement with how the mind works. Gladwell was able to explain each point thoroughly. Although some examples are more interesting than the others, he was able to balance this across the book.

If you have a generally curious mind and fancy know-hows and trivias and appreciate data-driven examples, this is for you.

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