I have my own share of things I find extremely annoying. But after a quick Google, I realized that pet peeves are supposed to be minor or little stuff that you find especially irritating when people normally don’t. I don’t think liars, bullshit and disrespectful people are little things, because who doesn’t mind those?

This is for the 30-day writing challenge I’m currently doing.

So here goes:


Waiting is something we’ve all done. Yet it’s something that never gets fixed. Of all the things I hate having to wait for is cashier lines like in fast food chains-  FAST food! Some cashiers work a little slower than the others. It’s most especially irritating when the other line has finished 3 and your line isn’t even done with it’s first one.

Public display of affection

I don’t mind holding hands, a quick hug, or a peck on the lips. But anything more than that really grinds my gears. Some couples don’t care about limits and do intimate things like torrid kissing or lying on the other’s laps. Whenever I speak out on noticing these people, my friends would tell me I’m just bitter, but it’s not really something I’m comfortable with seeing nor doing. In fact, I kind of feel gross out.

Someone tapping or poking me to get my attention

No idea how it started, but I cringe and literally shiver a bit when people tap or poke me to get my attention. Once is enough, but I find it most especially annoying when it’s more than one. Please call me by my name instead. Even using my real name that I really hate would be okay, just don’t tap or poke me.