After our spontaneous lunch out to Tagaytay where we decided we should have regular Badminton for exercise, it pushed through a week later. It was a good thing there was a Badminton Center a short walk from our place so it was convenient to go to for most of us.

All of us haven’t played for years now so we were all pretty much rusty. I was glad the court wasn’t full so we had lesser people to embarrass ourselves to… at least, myself to. My friends were able to easily pickup the rhythm of the game soon enough. Sadly I wasn’t good ever since. Ha.


It was tiring, of course. My legs are sore now from all the running as I write this. But I really do hope it becomes a regular thing. It’s the closest I get from an actual exercise, plus at least I’m having fun.

After our 3-hour game, we decided to get some dinner somewhere and we ended up in Ristorante Delle Mitre in Intramuros. It was a Catholic-themed restaurant serving Filipino-Spanish dishes. I was amused with their menu which included some bishop and archbishop’s names aligned with their favorite dishes.


I’m not really much into Filipino food so I won’t comment much on it since this isn’t a food review either, but it was all meh for the price and serving size.


After eating, it was weird of me to think that would be all there is to it from our supposedly *just* Badminton day. We all agreed (and somehow had no choice from our considerate kidnapper, Oliver) to go to Robinson’s Manila to play some Bowling- something I’ve never done. When we came to the cashier, we saw the option for a Billiard game-another thing I’ve never done. So we took on the chance.

It was my first time coming close to a real Billiards table and play an *actual* game of sort. My friends were all very supportive in teaching me the gameplay so I was really happy I was actually able to make a few goals hahaha.


After an hour of Billiards, we were all convinced we had to do Bowling too. I was definitely up for it despite knowing my mom would probably scold me for coming home late. It’s something I always wanted to try and the opportunity is basically bitch-slapping me during the time. I knew we just had to.


And through that opportunity, I learned I suck at it hahaha. *Insert gutter ball here* Not to mention my left forearm hurts. But it was a nice first experience since it’s not something I can do anytime.

It was around 9:45 when we decided to go home and face reality back. I was able to achieve two firsts in a day and it was surely a memorable experience with these spectacular people I won’t exchange the world for… probably. LOL.