For you who just need a tad bit of comfort on a sunny Sunday to go on with life. For you who just want to wake up when you do, and fall back to sleep without worrying about anything. For you who needs that dose of coffee every single day to prove to the world you can. For you who need that one extra boost to bring your worn-out self to a manageable level. For you who thinks that life is going twice more than you can run. For you who travels hours to work and hours to home to keep up with everyone’s existence. For you who got hurt over and over again.

87-1243112379AbeT.jpgI know you feel tired of toughing it out. That life is all wired up and you’re sitting there, thinking- arguing, is it still worth it to go on and fight a battle you already lost. Like life is not as they say- a wheel of up and down. I know it seems like everything’s going down on you and not ever in your favor and life is challenging the better in you.

I know you think you might have been forgotten by God or simply He chose to ignore you. Like your existence is not in favor of anyone but you. I know you’re exhausted of the thoughts and worries and problems that goes through your head everyday. That it feels like you live in pain. I know you feel neglected and you’re tired of hearing it. You’re done with drama, of getting hurt, of life’s unending surprises. I know you’re feeling staled and stressed and worn out and consumed. I know.

It might be strange to hear this from a 20-ish year old. That life is scary. That life demands furiously but rewards unfairly. That life may be better now, but it won’t be better always. It might be hopeful for some who see even a dim candle light in pitch black. But for others, that small flame of hope is burnt out.

We are all tired because we’re supposed to be. We feel exhausted for the same reason we feel alive for what makes us happy. And sooner or later getting tired is just a thing of the past. It’ll haunt, but it’ll never last. Because when you’re tired of getting tired, that’s when you’ll realize that life is just getting better, that you’re growing and developing, and you’ll soon be reestablished.

It’s okay to get tired, to cry, to give up. But when you are, slow down, go at your own pace, strive quietly,  follow your own rhythm, proceed timidly, get there gradually, but don’t quit just because. Chase life. Hunt it down. Carry on.