Ever wondered what it feels like not seeing some of the people you’ve met in high school for a while now? I don’t know. But after this day, I realized they’re one of the best people I’ve met for a reason and that’s all that matters.

So after several months (or is it already years lol), some high school friends aka My Bitches  (because I’m the only girl haha) and I were finally able to hang out together. I’m really not fond of going out and I’m mostly just at home if not doing errands to Divi for my shop. So it was a surprising thing, according to them, when I asked if we guys can (finally) hang out. Hahaha.

So after everyone confirmed and became amused on how I was the one to initiate, it all boiled down to our availability for March 23. And as expected from mostly any group, we were deciding on where to actually spend the “lunch out.” From having ramen in Alabang to  somewhere in RP Ermita.

Then, one of my bitches, Oliver, randomly said. “Bulalo sa Tagaytay? :))”

The other two friends probably thought of the same thing, so the idea was immediately dismissed. We were already eyeing on just meeting up and deciding when we’re physically together so it’ll be easier.

And then, after several minutes of continuous decision-making, Oliver asked again, “so.. 10:30, Binondo, tas punta Tagaytay?”

At first, I honestly thought it might be a random joke to kill off the vibe of our indecisiveness, but since he’s bringing a car with him and he asked again… HA. HA….. and HA. I went on with it. “Tara, tapos uwi Manila after, LOL.” Thinking, it’ll be a funny thing to do. And then, these bitches… “I’m honestly okay with that.” and “pwede roadtrip.” finally gave it all away and it was decided.

Trusting we were all Chinese, we had no reason to have a problem with Filipino Time. Apparently it was otherwise for them hahaha. We were able to leave Manila around 11:30 in the morning.

Here’s our first photo taken by our not so great at taking selfies, Christian.


It was quite a nostalgic road trip since Oliver’s playlist were *mostly* **cues Ignition-Do you like drugs mashup in the background** millenial songs.. except probably for that one which is new hahaha. We sang ourselves to the tunes of songs that became hits in our high school days. Since the trip was at least 2 hours, we were also sharing stories and nostalgia from the years back.

I had no idea how it started, but we suddenly became a “family” of some sort during the trip. We have our #stupidpet Christian and #stupidson Sherwin. Apparently Oliver and I were the parents hahaha.  I knowww.. what is wrong with these people. Those hashtags came from when either of the two said something completely dumb, useless or both. hahaha.

Oliver was actually planning to take us to Mt. Makiling afterwards. Reasons? Nothing. We actually had no choice since we were catching a ride hahaha. He’s a nice kidnapper, ya know, letting his hostages know where we’re heading. So he dialed some calls but sadly the BSP office to which we were supposed to go to in Makiling was only untill 3:30 that afternoon. phew.

BTW, during our travel my mom actually texted me and asked where I was. My only reply was “hahaha” because she had no idea we were on the way to Tagaytay that time. LOL. But I did let her know and surprisingly she took it well unlike probably most moms would.

It was already around 2pm when we arrived at Leslie’s in Tagaytay. So we did what we had to do. Order up! I had no breakfast besides a glass of Milo so my stomach was already cursing me even during the trip.

And definitely, we won’t miss the reason why we traveled to Tagaytay in the first place. BULALOOOOOOOOOOOO!! With it, we also ordered kare-kare, squid and pork sisig.


I actually had no idea what came to these guys because the food was too many. HAHA. But who cares. BULALO. And I don’t even care if that doesn’t rhyme. LOL.

It was all to the view and awesomeness of Taal Volcano.




Around 3:30 when we finally finished eating. We had to pack some of the food left since we were all already full. Sherwin’s “success” can prove that LOL.

Afterwards, I jokingly but somewhat meant it when I said… “Tara uwi?” And apparently, yes wasn’t the answer to that.

The idea of going to Taal Volcano came to mind. One of the things I wanted to do but couldn’t during my last visit to Tagaytay in January 2015. The idea was dismissed since it was already pretty late and it was quite expensive to go there as well.

Oliver took us to People’s Park in the Sky instead, somewhere at the top of a mountain.





Really nice view and breezy weather up there.

We talked about life, love, gym, school, being gay, loving guy friends more, and mostly anything under the sun. It’s actually nice to have guy friends. Less drama, less overacting, less BS. It’s one of the reasons why most if not all my friends are guys. Or probably no girl can tolerate my attitude so I don’t have much friends LOL. But that’s a completely different story.

On the way back to the car, we had some stopovers to take photos.


Soon after, we were on the road again. I was already thinking of going home during the time since I wasn’t able to ask ‘proper’ permission from my mom that I was going to Tagaytay. Hahaha. But being with them was definitely a “just seldom” experience so I knew I had to maximize it.

Next thing I know, around 7:30pm, we were already driving to EDSA to play laser tag in Centris Mall. I knew it was already late to be playin and all after a trip “out of town” but we just had to. HAHAHA


It was 2 15-minute games of 2v2 because no one else was there for us to rake lol. My first team was with Sherwin while the second game was with Oliver. During the latter part of the first game, I was starting to feel very exhausted and  I was already palpitating. Thus, I became an easy free target when I somewhat broke down inside. Hahaha. These bitches. Their priorities are messed up hahaha. kiddin. They didn’t probably realize that.

That one was kinda sad because I realized I had NO FREAKIN’ EXERCISE other than this. It was probably closes to any I’ll get is this Laser Tag because the only exercise I get to do is when I write/blog these events LOL.

BTW, I was on the winning side because I teamed up with veteran and Laser Tag suki, Oliver, during the second game. HAHAHA. But I was such a loser and I’m partly blaming my skinny jeans and shoes since it wasn’t meant for running… or that’s just an excuse for being a weak player hahaha

Moving on, after sweating and exercising ourselves for a good 30 minutes, we were soon on the road again to go to Banawe QC to have some wings in Buffalo Wings N’ Things.


Accompanying our dinner were deep conversations about our high school days, mostly love life and crushes. The latter for me is just a laughing matter now since it’s already several years after. I still even question myself as to why I liked some of those people. Haha.

We were having our conversation till around 12:30 in the morning. Normally, you won’t see me that late with an exception from our Sagada trip in December where I came home 3am. Also a different story. I don’t want my mom to worry too much at the same time, I wasn’t used to being out so late.

It was also a good thing it was already a bit late (or should I say early) because the roads had less cars so we had a faster travel time. God bless Oliver for paying for some of the things we did, dinner, driving and bringing us home.

I arrived home around 1am and my mother started to interview me on how the day went. Haha. I was planning to write this blog post last night but I was too sleepy, tired, and had work today so yeah.

TBH, I’m actually quite surprised on how much fun I had. Like what I mentioned to my best friend, Armen, it was a completely different and spontaneous experience compared to being with college friends. Probably because I knew these guys from way back. We were all a little more mature than we used to ne but we were also at the stage where we traveled back to the days when all we cared about was passing Physics. You get what I mean? I met Oliver 2006, Sherwin in 2009 and Christian in 2010, all because of having common friends.

SummaryI had fun. LOL

Word of the day: Ho Gia (Rich(person) in Fookien) 

Question of the day: What is wrong with these people? Because several times I question what comes to these people’s minds when they say something weird or dumb haha.

Motto of the day: We won’t judge, we just accept. To what started from the topic of gayness. Hahaha.

In reality, there’s no blog post to contain each and every detail that made our trip extra special nor to remember every inch of what made the trip. But it is indeed something to remind us possibly years from now that these guys, despite not being as close to each other like other groups of friends, made a special mark in my 2016. Definitely looking forward to spending more times with these bitches. And I sure hope our plans fr Badminton games would come alive. We all need exercise.