Ever since Love Live came to screen, I became instantly attached to the plot and the characters’ different personalities, much like K-On!! then. And just like any other anime, I get to choose my favorite- Maki.

I won’t say I’m a fan, because I know of people who are real fans, and I can’t compare myself to them. I don’t even play the game anymore but I’m one of the few who first played it before everyone got hooked. But since I have several Facebook friends and my shop’s obvious market, I come across multiple versions of the characters on a daily basis. Thus, creating one of my grail cosplans of 2015, the June version more commonly known as the wedding version.

I was laying low on cosplaying due to personal reasons, but I can’t throw away the opportunity when I found someone who was renting out her Maki wedding version. I tapped on a friend, Alecx, who’s avidly fond of Nico and pulled out my guts to ask her to do a NicoMaki shoot… to which, fortunately, she agreed to.

Since I don’t have much cosplayer friends, she was the one who invited some cosplayers and photographers to maximize our studio rental.

Due to some privileges I carried out from last year where we took a music video of Kyoukai no Kanata’s Yakusoku no Kizuna in Vera Studios. We pursued our photoshoot in the same place. In fact, why not. They have a freakin’ church background.


Proceeding with the photos, I had a good friend Aura Sy do one of my dreaded frustrations, make up.

Here are my favorite shots from the lot:

Photos by Aura Sy

Photos by Trisha Descallar, grabbed from FB, thus the quality orz



Photos by Ronnel Tumangday

And of course, the OTP!!


Photo by Aura Sy


Photo by Ronnel Tumangday


Photo by Trisha Descallar, grabbed from FB, thus the quality orz


So worth it to wake up early for the call time. So worth it to shed 900 for the costume rental. So worth it to walk in freakin heels the whole time. It’s one of my most favorite shoots in my 5+ years of cosplaying.

And God Bless Ascos brand for creating such a wonderful costume.