Every 6 years, we vote for whoever we see fit for the presidential position. But as each term ends, it was as if we didn’t defend them before they ran for candidacy. We curse their unfulfilled platforms and regret wasting our precious votes for them in the first place.

I find it irritating how those who belong in the mid-lower C class, lie down in the dirty streets of just-about-anywhere for the rest of the day and expect to have a better life. Then, they blame whoever is in power and insist poverty (and the unending list of issues) is not resolved. We live in a third world country, but despite it’s actual meaning and the status of the countries that belong in it, the stereotype drives us down to being called poor. Well we are, right? Point is, we could always be poor and it’ll depend on our choices in life, but we can always stand up, work a little more than usual, and be a little less poorer than we were yesterday without the help of the government. We all want to be spoon-fed, but any easy task won’t work if we don’t.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a pro-PNoy nor any of his family tree’s supporter for that matter. I am not siding anyone but it bothers me a lot how everyone is putting the blame on the higher ups but fail to see themselves ruining their chances of getting a better life.

With the Fallen 44 SAF members, my mom and I couldn’t let go of the argument that PNoy has something to do with it. I for one, insisted that PNoy has no control over military decisions even with his position. Despite his probable opinion or justification over the matter then, the final decision still lies on the Director General of Philippine National Police. But despite this, people fail to see and realize that this is not a matter of presidential or a director general’s decision but rather a team that is just embodied by a single higher official to act as the official representation. Ever since the SAF news came, it’s as if the president never did anything right that made some people contest on his qualifications over the position where some even asks for him to come down.

But generally speaking, have we come to a point where we would agree that a certain person is best fitting for a position after his term? There was, and always will be someone who will see the wrong things and think of it as an ill choice of the voting community. No matter how fancy their platform sounds, or how great their missions, visions and achievements are, there will always be imperfections and at least one person will find the person unworthy of the position. No president can please everyone at the same time.  We will never ever be able to please everyone.

Those are just two of my concerns. There are several other criticisms and rants our government and president gets. From passing unimportant bills to hopefully fixing issues that can start with ourselves, like poverty. I am no Filipino by blood, but I am 100% Filipino by heart. And it kills my patriotic affection when I see Filipinos giving up on their own country and settling for simpler solutions like migrating. We seem to be satisfied on how something can affect us, our relatives and close friends, but not the wider perspective of our neighbors, acquaintances and countrymen, killing the chance of a better country that starts with the small entities of a nation.

The only question we need to answer is who is worth it for those imperfections and who is deserving for the troubles, bumpy rides, and risks the country is gonna experience for another 6 years to hopefully achieve the goal? One single question with no definite or correct answer, and we killed the chance of proving it wrong by settling for the easier life.