This is probably one of the most difficult problem to solve among poverty and political corruption.

When you’re a movie junkie, you probably would get bored since you’re already too updated with shows and have already watched them. Much like my movie-buddy who is occasionally bored and would PM me just to prevent himself from being idle. I joked him to separate the ingredients of 3-in-1 instant coffee and he would if he could. LOL. So I thought I’d make up a list of things you can do when you’re bored and dedicate this to him just so. Haha! This is for you kuya R. XD

  1. Stalk your friends and like their photos from way back 2005! It’ll surely spring up to your common friends’ news feed and will hit just the mark of friendly hating.
  2. Do some stretching. The actual exercise is good. But apparently, doing some stretching like how you would do in your morning routine feels great too.
  3. Write up a bucket list. Because why not? We all want to do something at least once in our life right? No matter how ridiculous it might be.
  4. Day dream. I don’t know if this is good or bad, but one thing I am sure of is it practices our creativity. Plus, you do want a sequel on the dream you had dating your long time crush right?
  5. Make your own song and annoy your sibling with it. Because irritating your siblings is the next best thing to pizza and BLT.
  6. Wear a shirt that says “Life” and hand out lemons. Need I say more?
  7. Read up your old blog posts or diary. Nothing’s funnier than ranting over your little sister eating the last piece of your favorite doughnut in the fridge.
  8. 9gag and 9gag TV! My personal favorite pastime.
  9. Roll on your bed… literally. I do this a lot. Haha! It’s fun.
  10. Write a poem. It doesn’t need to make sense. Random things in a stanza can sound interesting you know.
  11. Write a letter to your future self. Tell yourself your memorable experiences so far or a reminder to your “past” self.
  12. Take a bath and think of logical things. Like career… or family. Because taking a bath and deep-thinking goes well together as much as the shower and singing.
  13. Read facts and trivia. Everything’s interesting when you’re bored. It’s time to boost up some knowledge about random stuff.
  14. Message some high school friends and catch up. I know a lot of circles who drift away from each other after graduation. This is a good time to say hello.
  15. Cook. Look for recipes or try out your kitchen skills. You might discover a new dish that could beat Master Chefs.
  16. Look at old photo albums. Memories!
  17. Watch videos by HowToBasics on Youtube. Don’t ask. It’s entertaining.
  18. Clean up your e-mail. You don’t need to say it.. but we all know how messed up your e-mail is from all your registrations from social media accounts and subscribing to sites you don’t really read.
  19. Download fonts. This might be the most subjective of the list, I’m sorry. I fancy fonts. Besides, you’ll never know when you need to make a wedding invitation or something.
  20. Take selfies. Honestly I’m sleepy right now and can’t think of anything else. XD But this is one way, right?

Imma add some more on this list when I come up of something while being bored too. Ha.