3D2N December in Baler: Day 1

For 2018, I realized I only had one vacation before this- my trip to Japan. So when the opportunity came in the form of my officemate, Fatz, a surfer and an honorary Baler local (lol). We turned the drawing to reality.We booked our tickets for our 3D2N stay (Dec 18-20, Tues-Thurs) near the end of November … Continue reading 3D2N December in Baler: Day 1

Photo Fridays: Shine

360 degree view of mountains, greenery, and a bed of clouds on a sunrise. What better can shine mean other than the most spectacular view on Earth? Featuring Marlboro Hills in Sagada, Mountain Province, Philippines. Best. View. Ever. You can read on our Sagada adventure here.   You can catch my life, food and travel … Continue reading Photo Fridays: Shine

Chinatown During the New Year

After chocolates, stuffed bears and flowers keeping the in-love somewhat extra romantic and the singles slapped with their statuses, shortly comes the firecrackers, ang pao's and tikoys that heightens the excitement even for the non-Chinese. Chinatown, Binondo, is probably the heart of Chinese citizens, but somehow, people of all races come to this place once every year to take … Continue reading Chinatown During the New Year

How an Ambulance Made Me Realize the Edge of Filipinos on Elance and Guru

I have an aunt with an amputated right leg. She is brought back and forth to the hospital once a week during and after the operation. She is entirely sensitive even when she had 2 legs making those around her uncomfortable and irritable. With that, they planned on just calling an ambulance instead of our … Continue reading How an Ambulance Made Me Realize the Edge of Filipinos on Elance and Guru