Nostalgia is probably an overstatement when I say I really really miss campus life. But truth be told, stepping into the campus grounds knowing you had once or twice said you wanted to leave it very soon is regretful. I had finally spoken of the words I only hear from my seniors before, “mas masarap mag-aral.”

I visited my alma mater earlier. Walking in Recto, Morayta, crossing the streets of my memories then sent me a pang of remorse. It felt like a handful of my college memories drifted aback, what I had done in my freshmen years, and how I met good and bad companions I had spent a good amount of time together with and had greatly influenced my stay in the university.

I may have started in FEU Advocate a bit too late with even a few times wanting to quit, but the passion and love for both press work and the people in it weighed greater than my selfishness. It relieve my stress when I saw the people who were part of my college life. Those I lookup to, ate Nikky, kuya Ju and ate KC, and those that currently form the organization. And seeing my team, seeing a photo of them hanging above the caption “Best Section” is probably the best feeling because I know my anak, Daniel, is doing a good job, that they’re in good shape, and they won’t leave the section hanging. I am really really proud of you guys. and to my apos, like what I always say to your titas and titos, prioritize your academics, but never neglect your Advocate responsibilities, and yes, I am serious with Advo bago aura. Bata pa kayo. LOL. Saka please, wag sa isa’t isa ha -_- HAHAHA. I love you guys, and I look forward to my next visit 🙂

A really short blog post after a long time I have not. I feel tired and is off to bed after this is posted. XD