I always believed that I’m actually a princess sent to a glorious mission of finding herself and will be taken by my royal parents- the king and queen at a certain age. I always wanted to marry a prince, Prince Charming perhaps, since he has captivated a lot of Disney hearts. I had myself believing in the happy ever after and that all things come to what pleases anyone’s heart as a childhood tale of ideals I  should say. That any needs of the world can be fed when you have the so-called ‘true love.’ But later on as puberty permits, it was a significant part realizing that life is not a scripted narrative that tells the same story for everyone; It doesn’t always end in happy endings, and if they do, the journey to that destination is a rough ride.

So, love, honey, baby, sweetie, or whatever I will be calling you then, thank you for deciding to make a fairy tale with me despite all the many princesses you have met along the way. I have never intended myself to end life with love. That, in the sense that I am content with what I probably have before you came into my peaceful life. But for whatever reason, captivating my heart and accepting I am bound for love is one of the best feelings I probably will be feeling.

Constant fights, redundant nagging, rolling of eyes and silent talking- a few of the bunch of things we would be facing, but I know we will pass through it with no doubts of the feeling we both know are genuine. A feeling we both planted and watered with memories of love, lust, and possession through the years we both thought could only exist in a children’s fictional literary. We wrote our own story and defy the after stories that ended when Prince Charming married Snow White and all those other bitches in some parallel universe.

I hope I am still making you food at 4am despite the fact that cooking doesn’t like me. I hope I still ask how was your day at work everyday. I hope I won’t be too busy attending to every other thing besides you. I hope I can prove that meeting, befriending, courting and marrying me is one of the best decisions you will make. Because I promise I will never get tired of hearing how the last FIBA or FIFA cup went nor will I make you feel the need to make up to me when you say I’m gaining weight.

It’s been long since that day when you dropped on your knees, opened a box that held little, but meant a whole lot. and here we are, celebrating another year of passing through the many obstacles life throws to our track. And we begin another lap of another year, wanting each other more, it will feel like falling in love again, only deeper. and I will, I say I will, fall in love with you again over and over again on each and every after life.

And as Plato says as such ‘powerful beings’, “Now, since their natural form had been cut in two, each one longed for its own other half, and so they would throw their arms about each other, weaving themselves together, wanting to grow together.” I know I have finally met my other half in Symposium.