Another day had passed, another probably tiring task at work or just another stressful way back home due to traffic. You get yourself in your house just wanting to take a shower and lay on bed the rest of the night. But for some unfathomable reason, you  can’t set your mind to peace and a rush of today’s problem and some more from yesterday starts crashing down. You see your empty unit, filled with nothing but filed documents, boxes of untouched kitchenware from when you moved in, and sets of clothes you just got from the laundry the other day.


Déjà vu might be an understatement for the repetitive cycle of your very simple life and yet, you manage to be living like this for quite a while. Working a lot, Saving a little more than most people and realizing you’re somehow one step forward to your long time goal each day.


You notice your friends with more or less equal rates as yours but seemingly fresh, happier and more passionate. You soon ponder into the thought that you’re not getting tired from work, but from your everyday routine. Getting a to-go coffee from your local coffee shop, heading to work as necessary, checking your e-mail, making calls, attending meetings, tolerating your boss,  at times, dinner out with colleagues or hanging out during Friday nights, coming home, a shower before going to bed and thinking what you’re doing with your life and where you’re headed to. Then somehow, when you passed by a park in your neighborhood with professionals shooting with their cameras, it reminded you how you always wanted that lens downtown for your hobby as a college student. You think things through and thought about how you tried to save for it with your little allowance but didn’t manage to pull it off, till you gave up saying it wasn’t really much of an interest to you. But with the amount you’re saving up right now, you find yourself spending some of your savings into buying that lens and hoping you’ll get back on track with your hobby from few years ago.


With the usual cycle, you do your tasks at hand and suddenly you see yourself thinking on what nice scenery or location you want to go to for spending time with reattaching that bond with Photography. Or maybe throw in some good short vacation since you’ve worked quite a handful of years with such limited relaxation. You come home and research on where it might be worth it to take a leave of absence then you find that perfect beach like on those movies your mom used to watch.


In the beach, you meet that gorgeous lady a few years younger than you working her way to the top fashion industry and shortly with a couple of blinks of your eye, your heart decides that your hobbies and interests coincide with one another as you hope that your personalities would as well. You can’t seem to find a night without her in your thoughts instead of all those workloads in your office still waiting for tomorrow to be finished. You call her, ask her out and soon after you already claim you’re a perfect match. In your early months as a couple, you learned that she loves traveling as much as you do when you went on out of town hiking trips with your dad in your much younger years. You then come to a conclusion that it might be nice to set foot to another city, or maybe country as a one-good luxury vacation grande.


A few years intact with the perfect girl and perfect life you always thought of. You realize you want to settle down for good and you need to exert more effort to push through a happier life with more goals in mind and problems to overcome. You try out applying to that big company again you didn’t managed to get into some time ago. And for some reason, your skills were already good enough for a position better than what you expected. Higher pay, higher post, better colleagues and a success like you would not have been able to achieve if you kept yourself in that previous studio unit you used to own and provided yourself with a life you were already content of having as a cycle.



These are my thoughts as a new college graduate. I do not want to limit myself into things I already have, like a good-paying job that would not be good enough when I reach the marrying age, so while I’m younger, I want to set myself with goals I want and will achieve someday, hoping to meet that perfect guy with similar interests yet different personality and perspective in life.