Past. /pæst/. Noun. The period of time that has already happened.

Something that can not be changed. A time in which we can not return. These are some definitions often given to the word past. Definitions in which we often neglect of. Some people tend to live in the past, live in history. They spend too much time dwelling in what has already taken place. In this state, they forget about the future that lies ahead of them. May be of a death of a family member or a lost lover. One thing we should put in mind is that no matter how we engage ourselves into emotional distress to our own satisfaction, the past will remain as the past. Even though we cry ourselves till we dry up our tear glands, the time that has already passed will never come back. We will only experience a single date ONCE in forever. We should make the best out of what we do in the present time and not waste the opportunity to live that was given to us.

Present. /ˈprɛzənt/. Noun. The current moment or period of time.

Since several of us are quite particular with the current events, most of us give too much fuss about what is happening in the present. We don’t usually make the best of the time and regret something afterwards. One of the most common reason is laziness. We can not deny that each one of us are at times, lazy. We just want to sit back or lie down and do absolutely nothing but stare into thin air. Thus, hindering us at doing something in its fullest. Worse is, some people make it as a hobby- being lazy. We should not forget that everything we do will affect the things that will happen ahead of us.

Future.  /ˈfjuːtʃɚ/. Noun. The time ahead.

Something that is yet to happen. Something unexpected and unpredictable. Unpredictable in the sense that we should prepare ourselves when we face it. Others tend to neglect the future and just thinks about the present. Forgetting the fact that what we did before will be a chain of reaction to what will happen next. No matter how difficult a situation is, we must take note that the future will always lie ahead and everything we do may affect its occurrence.

Past. Present. Future.

Past is the experience. Present is our experimentation. Future is our expectation.

We must learn to use our past in a good way for our experiments today to provide good foundation for our future expectations.