Rich- poor.

Short- Tall.

Pretty- Ugly.

Hardworking- lazy.

High- low.

Ups- downs.

Happiness, joy, wealth, love, career, success. We all have that at some point in our life. But one day, as we are sitting on top of the roller coaster ride, life suddenly pulls you down with a deafening thud, taking away all there is to live life for. We all have that opposite thing going on at the depths of the Earth. And no matter which side we look at, there will be its disadvantages, unpleasantness, unhappiness. Nothing is perfect. And no matter what, life is going to crash down on you and engulf you once in a while. It will try and hold you down and deceive you over things you are capable to do.

Never doubt yourself over something you’ve known yourself for.

Never allow someone to step on you and underestimate your abilities.

Never let anyone judge you for who you aren’t.

Never keep quiet when you know you’re right.

Never give up at something without trying.

Never lose hope when you know you still can.

Never regret your decisions because in one point in your life, you know you wanted to.

And When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.