A picture is worth a thousand words. Photography is used to freeze a moment in a particular time and capture the essence of the whole setting. It allows a photo to be visualized by a person not in the scene during a specific time or see an image in a different perspective- in a photographer’s perspective.

Often people think that taking a photograph just requires a camera. That whoever has the equipment may be called a photographer merely by just clicking the shutter at something hoping to get a beautiful image. Behind the investment to photography equipment is a knowledge to create a story over one single image. A good photo requires foundation, creativity and over everything is passion.

Before, having a film camera requires budget. SLRs do not cost your ordinary downtown burger.  Having such equipment defines you as one with passion for photography. But in today’s time, Digital SLRs are somewhat considered as a toy given by parents to their 12-year old spoiled kids. That whoever possesses such camera is considered rich rather than a passionate hobbyist. Worse is, these kids do not even have enough knowledge to maximize a digital camera, what more a more advanced- DSLR. As the time passes by, having a DSLR is getting too ordinary. It seems to just serve as an accessory to just about anyone who has money to buy one.

The most important thing one must remember is that, anyone can take shots, but not everyone can create pictures. Only people who have put up most of their life to fulfill their passion in the industry will continue to stay and share stories through one visual representation.