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Why You Need to Take an Online Course at Shaw Academy

One of the most heard lines from working adults is “I want to go back to studying.” And surely, even if I don’t consider myself the adult of adults (how to be one, actually?), I won’t deny that it’s something that I want to go back to despite the wondrous world of bi-monthly paychecks and travel

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Right Angle: Through a Lensman’s Eye

Whoever invented the camera must have loved occasions so much, capturing dear moments for reminiscing years after, but who said pictures can only be  limited to just portraits, commercials, editorial, fine arts and photojournalism ? Astonishing cloudscapes, staggering waterfalls or arresting sunsets might be what most prefers, but with the play of a creative imagination,

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Take Pictures, Not Just Shots

A picture is worth a thousand words. Photography is used to freeze a moment in a particular time and capture the essence of the whole setting. It allows a photo to be visualized by a person not in the scene during a specific time or see an image in a different perspective- in a photographer’s perspective.

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