Through each generation that encompassed our world’s time, our society became more civilized- civilized in ways that through life’s modernity and developments, life can be saved or taken away. It is of no denial that the existence of modern technology has spread throughout. Its benefit includes creating a more society-involved beings. That said creates the social media a wide form of communication in which plenty are participants. That includes the overrated World Wide Web.

Several months ago, the Mayan calendar prediction of the end of the world on May 21st burst out in the whole of social media. Sentiments were laid upon the social networks though some people opted to stay in silence. Many so-called facts awakened the whole population of our living planet and has come to an SOS to a lot of people who got convinced by the spreading information. When the anticipated doomsday came and passed and the whole world was still intact, it has proven that the Mayan calendar basis was a mistake.

In the next two days, another ‘the end phenomenon’ is awaited by many. December 21st. Theories to suffice the needs of doubtful scholars and analysts were created through some facets found over our very own universe. Like the aforementioned prediction on the 21st of May, many are suspecting that this is yet another fraud created for publicity yet various people are making a fuss over the issue, bashing or supporting it.

Whether or not the foretelling of our death lies ahead, one way to find out will be the coming of the very day itself. If the world would really come to an end on a specified date, there will be no use trying to present facts to overcome the situations. No matter how solutions are carefully planned, if the world would divide in two, sucked by a giant black hole or remain as it is, these solutions probably would not save the population of the world but yet continue to destroy mankind if it is its goal. Why are people creating such drama over a topic that would, hypothetically speaking, naturally take place? Majority knew about this and yet decides to further participate in its founding fame. If it is bound to happen, time is labeled as one thing to value more of. Time to do the things one was holding on to continue living his life before the tragic death of humanity.