Whoever invented the camera must have loved occasions so much, capturing dear moments for reminiscing years after, but who said pictures can only be  limited to just portraits, commercials, editorial, fine arts and photojournalism ?

Astonishing cloudscapes, staggering waterfalls or arresting sunsets might be what most prefers, but with the play of a creative imagination, even the littlest of things can have over-the-top results.



Acute angles, circumferences, right triangles, and degrees, terms that we hear from one of the subjects that probably most of us do not want to have again–Geometry. But to seemingly no limits, Geometry does not only reach our high school curriculums, but follows us to the extent of being visible in our environment as well. With Shapes in all different forms coincide with the environment; another type of photography has been practiced, known as “Geometry in Nature”.

Inside the kitchen, beside your bed, or just your backyard, Geometry can be found lying around waiting to be visually captured. Equals, irregulars, or free forms, these shapes can be found wherever we lay our eyes on to. Places that seem too cliché to take landscapes of can still create a unique point of view when looked at in a different or maybe closer perspective.

Image Trails

Painters such as Jackson Pollock, Pablo Picasso or our very own Alfonso Ossorio often depict their masterpieces as abstract work or expressionist art, paintings that do not imply anything besides how the painter manifested his emotions and how a viewer interprets it. Much so as how a photographer wants to deliver a story on a photograph’s composition he decides to take.

With whatever subject you find yourself seeing on the viewfinder, through a technique known as “Camera Dragging”, objects can create another form of art far from what is really present through the means of visual presentation.

There is no limit to a mind willing to twist with existing ideas, going out of the ordinary or simply putting into work some mind play of creative juices to create a beautiful image. One does not even have to climb up mountains, or go camping in forests to produce good results because anything, anywhere can be a subject to a unique form of aesthetics.


Published in the first volume of FEU Advocate’s TAMERA, the photo magazine of the official student publication of Far Eastern University.