@CraftyDiemPH: Planner Shop Revamp!

Hey guys! Taking on the opportunity to shamelessly plug on the revamp of my planner shop: JournalsCo (initially on Etsy, now dead, rest in peace) to the changed name of @craftydiemph.  This name comes closer to my heart as the idea came from the word “Carpe Diem” which is how I’ve been going on lately.

screenshot_4.jpgFor y’all looking for some planners, bullet journals, traveler’s notebooks, stationery items, planner add-ons, highlighters, pens and markers, washi samples and washi tapes, sticker sheets, sticker flakes, cardstocks, stencils and more, do drop by the main platform on Instagram please! –> @craftydiemph

I have a lot of things planned out for this somehow new business of mine so hope you guys can stay with me on this new journey! We’ll also be offering a lot of personalized items for sale to make your daily life feel like it’s yours to conquer *wink, wink*


Sneak peak to the plans!

  • customized journal notebooks
  • traveler’s notebook and refills
  • more washi tape choices
  • customized sticker sheets
  • planner kits and mystery bags


I’ll also be destashing some personal stuff I don’t really use for affordable prices in the coming days so do follow the account for updates! 🙂

We’ll be available for national and international shipping as well as meetups for those who prefer it too!


@craftydiemph – featuring our favorite: Gold foiled washi tape!


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