There I said it.
I’ve been meaning to do this for quite some years now, but I never fully commited myself to doing so till I had a recent reevaluation of how I’m living now. After ranting a post away from this one, I know I wouldn’t be able to proceed without actually taking concrete steps. I’ve already written some 1,500 words some time ago to start with and I just need to keep it going.
One of my favorite writers, Karen Marston of Untamed Writing, triggered this. I received her (quite long) newsletter today and she disclosed that she’s writing a book, so I remembered my own forgotten (or more like purposely ignored and neglected) book.
I’ve given up with writing fiction, and possibly quite ironic to some of you, but this plan is going to be a motivational book. I have yet to think of a better title than what I have in mind now, but the gist is basically a 20’s journey to life. Which BTW, I started writing when I turned 20… I’m now 23….. ironic for someone who wants to inspire right? But personally, I find it the exact thing that, I dare say- teens my age, have trouble with that I should leverage on.
My good bro, Art, laughed at me when I told him this news. I know, he knows, this is possibly one of my most ridiculous idea. Especially for a person as lazy as I am, but again, it’s exactly why I want to write this.
I’ve been reading on CEO at 22 by Sean Si. He’s currently 29 I believe but he published a book about his life at 22 years old. I still have a chance. What we do have in common is the fact that possibly no one even thought we’ll do something great, till we actually do. Writing a book has been one of my main goals ever since, but I have yet to prove that it is.
Now I gotta stick to this ‘public announcement’ or else shame on me.