@CraftyDiemPH: Planner Shop Revamp!

Hey guys! Taking on the opportunity to shamelessly plug on the revamp of my planner shop: JournalsCo (initially on Etsy, now dead, rest in peace) to the changed name of @craftydiemph.  This name comes closer to my heart as the idea came from the word "Carpe Diem" which is how I've been going on lately. For … Continue reading @CraftyDiemPH: Planner Shop Revamp!

What’s Up Lately in Bullets 1011

I'm running out of titles to put about 'updates on my life.' Been a short while since I last posted here on my blog, I just don't have anything to write about suddenly. I was actualy browsing through Amazon earlier looking for writing prompts that could get me going both in the blog and my … Continue reading What’s Up Lately in Bullets 1011