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MNL-SG Day 2

MNL-SG Day 1 | MNL-SG Day 2 | MNL-SG Day 3 | MNL-SG Day 4 As expected, I wasn’t able to sleep well during the first night. It’s my problem when travelling. But it didn’t stop me from enjoying our second day- Universal Studios Singapore day! My other cousin, Izel, accompanied me to Tampines. Good thing, because I

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MNL-SG Day 1

MNL-SG Day 1 | MNL-SG Day 2 | MNL-SG Day 3 | MNL-SG Day 4 It wasn’t planned- that’s how I want to start this post. But it was one of the most fun times I had. For one, it was my first international getaway, and two, Singapore is the first place I wanted to visit for my

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#Palawander: El Nido Day 3-PP-MNL

Day 3 marked our last day in El Nido but it wasn’t enough to stop us from asking more of the paradise we came to love. Time did fly so fast, but day 3 is as equally spectacular as the other two despite the mood we decided to move in.