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As expected, I wasn’t able to sleep well during the first night. It’s my problem when travelling. But it didn’t stop me from enjoying our second day- Universal Studios Singapore day!

My other cousin, Izel, accompanied me to Tampines. Good thing, because I had no idea how to go back since morning and night locations tend to confuse directions.

My boys were coming from the last station, Pasir Ris, in the East West Line (green), so we decided to meetup in the station next to it where I was staying at, Tampines. Call time was 9am, but they arrived around 9:30 due to Gian’s medical appointment running late. From Tampines, we traveled to Outram Park station for 1.62sgd (58php) and moved to the North East Line (violet) to HarbourFront station for 0.77sgd (27php). From there, we rode the Sentosa Express inside Vivo City for 4sgd (142php) to get to Sentosa where USS was in, arriving around 11am.

It was so much easy to have Klook around. Other than the convenience of not falling in line to get a ticket, we would only need to show them the e-voucher through our phones and they’ll be scanning the barcode from there.

Upon entering, we started off with the obligatory Universal Studious globe photo. It was additional fun because it was all our first time inside USS so we were all very excited.

*Quick tip: Do bring an extra shirt and water bottle as the prices there are expensive, they have fountains almost everywhere and even inside the queue lines for the rides

And then, we proceeded to the famous ‘suspended’ roller coaster, Cylon insides Sci Fi City of USS. Any item/article is not allowed inside the premises of the ride. They will be scanning you with a device twice to ensure that and will send you to the locker if they find any. So make sure you leave ALL your things in the lockers (free for 90mins) available. This includes items such as cameras, cellphones, wallets, cash and cards.

photo by Armen

We waited at least an hour to get on the 2-minute ride. You may also avail of the 30sgd (1,065php) Universal Express which grants you a special lane aka VIP lane to get ahead of the ‘normal’ visitors and won’t have to wait as long.

But tbh, the wait was worth it, coming from someone who hates waiting. It was funny because all of us chose to sit at the last seats for the suspense feeling of being the last one to experience each part, but it would probably be more awesome if we were in front. Apparently, unlike our usual rides in our local theme parks, the upward parts weren’t slow/preparing momentum for the ‘fall.’ The ride itself accelerated upwards fast enough before we can ready ourselves, it took us by surprise, but it was definitely a great experience.

We decided to grab some lunch after our first ride in a Western-style diner, Mel’s Drive In located in the New York City inside USS.

The retro vibe inside Mel’s Drive In
Mel’s Drive in; L-R: Gian, Armen, Me, Irene and Jed

Klook offers a 5sgd off the bill for a minimum 20sgd spent, but you need to print the copy out to use it. The Guest Relations Office (near the entrance) offers printing services, however we weren’t able to utilize it because their internet is super slow.

Mel’s Drive In has a good deal for a double patty burger, fries and a large drink for only 15sgd (533php) as their best seller while the rest of their food were 14sgd. God, please bless this Mel for the delicious and filling food. After eating, we decided to roam around to find other rides to explore.

USS boasts of adult and family rides that all can enjoy, however, being a group of adventurous- I dare say- teenagers, it was a little regretful for us to attend some family ‘rides’ including Shrek 4D and Madagascar as both were realllly reallllyyyy slow-paced and a waste of good time. I’m sorry USS team. It just wasn’t targeted for teens or adults to like and I wish we were warned before we tried.

My favorite rides included Cylon, Revenge of the Mummy (rode twice! also loose articles not allowed) and Transformers 4D. (These are must experiences when you go to USS). Lines for the Revenge of the Mummy and Transformers 4D didn’t take as long as Cylon but they were all as fun. Please do note of minimum height requirements for each ride.

Entrance to Revenge of the Mummy. Look at the huge bad-ass Anubis displays.
Entrance for Transformers 4D

What fascinates me the most is how much effort they put into ensuring the theme of each area compliments the ride. The displays and visual effects, the sounds, and even the uniforms of the USS personnel assigned per area are all uniform to the area they represent. You will really find your 61sgd spent wisely on each ride and the whole USS. And somehow, I also feel bad for our local theme parks.

We also tried out Rapids Adventure, one that involves water. Vendo machines with disposable rain coats are available for 4sgd (142php) near the start of the ride. Yes, it is where we got wet. The signs outside the ride is true – you WILL get wet, and POSSIBLY soaked. We were wet, while Jed and Irene were soaked. Please bring your luck with you when you ride this one if you don’t want to get soaked. Also, imagine what happened to my white shoes after the ride.

More photos from our USS trip! *insert Gian’s multiple screeching here*

It was a little sad that USS closes at 7pm on weekdays (8pm on weekends) so we weren’t able to try out all the rides, but it was great fun for all of us.

We took the train again back to Vivo City where we had dinner in Food Republic (food court). Most of the food in the area costs over 5sgd (178php) and fruit juices/shakes for around 3sgd (107php). They don’t have a drinking station in the area nor free table napkins.

After our tiring USS day, we headed home in reverse route while I prayed to the good deities that I actually find my way home, alone, with my lacking geographical sense.

I went home with my aching feet and played with my little cousin and her stuffed chicken till she needed to sleep and I needed a bath. This little kiddo is super cute and I kinda miss having a little sibling around. I read on my book, It Ends with Us by Colleen Hoover to help me get sleepy.

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