What’s Up Lately in Bullets 1011

  • I’m running out of titles to put about ‘updates on my life.’
  • Been a short while since I last posted here on my blog, I just don’t have anything to write about suddenly. I was actualy browsing through Amazon earlier looking for writing prompts that could get me going both in the blog and my journal. Really want to fill my journal with personal stuff..you know, make it mine.
  • I’m getting addicted to bullet journaling. I don’t think I’ll ever go back to planners and digital calendars. For those who don’t know, it’s a system that involves traditional (handwritten, mostly) journaling and planning in a flexible media. It boosts creativity and efficiency.
  • I’m happy and sad that local bookstores with ‘all in stocks’ are far from my place. Hard on my artsy love, but easy on the pocket.
  • There’s so much art and journal stuff unavailable in the Philippines, which makes me sad because if I badly want something, I need to order it from Amazon or eBay, where shipping costs isn’t kind at all.
  • Yesterday, I was in a moment when I remembered my late colleague, Stephen. I want to dedicate a post to him, but somehow I’m hindered by the thought of people judging me when I didn’t even went to his wake.
  • Was in the office yesterday to on-board a colleague to *our* team, a little question on that, since she’ll be replacing my spot once I proceed with the new position I got offered.
  • I just spent P2k (around $38, Paypal’s exchange rate sucks) on eBay just now for some journaling stuff. Screw online shopping. I really need to discipline myself.
  • I already spent around P16k (around $300) in October, and it’s not yet even halfway done! I AM SO SCREWED.
  • Send help please.

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