The digital age today is becoming more and more influential and social media goes on top of all the fuss. From celebrity chismis to political news, we all have it complete on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and a whole lot more channels. And it’s both a good and a bad thing.

social-mediaFor the past month, screenshots of conversations between people and celebrities or brands go around Facebook. Basically, each one consists of asking brands to give them free stuff in exchange for a count of likes, comments, and shares on Facebook.

Some brands did join the hype of this new “challenge”- after all, it’s “free” marketing. However, due to the popularity of this new thing going around, this digital begging has become a habit. A lot of people started doing the same just to hop along the trend- computers, cars, food, guitars etc. – all for free in exchange for the “publicity.”

And honestly, it’s becoming really absurd.

So some might be wondering why I’m posting about it, but I got triggered when I read an absurd comment from an artisan/ bakery who posted a screenshot of a similar scenario. The ‘person’ was asking for a cake for her debut in exchange for 500 likes and 50 comments to which the shop replied with a simple ‘no.’ The said post garnered a lot of love and hate in the comment section.

You can see other samples of no’s from other brands here

There were those siding with the shop, and those that side on the idea that it wasn’t necessary to post it (to be fair the name and photo was blurred out).

And I’m on the side of both.

What triggered me to post this is when I read a comment from that photo that said “Obviously all they think about is the money” coming from a grown man probably in his late 20’s or even early 30’s.

First thing that came to my mind was “uh… duh? It’s a business.”

Doesn’t it all boil down to that?

While the likes, shares, comments don’t have monetary value, getting yourself publicized is a step closer to getting potential sales in the future. But the thing is, it’s just potential, it won’t ever be equivalent to a product or service. But a lot of people don’t seem to get that. It’s a good idea, I’ll give you that. If someone PMed my shop and asked for some free stuff, I’ll probably go for it. But not everyone would do the same. Because for one, a car?! Really?! People can really be inconsiderate and ridiculous, and sometimes, they go way past boundaries and label it as “fun” in hopes to get away with it. Which is really sad.

Social media is really powerful, it can make or break your name any minute when the people who express too much freedom in what they say or do come to action- both a good and a bad thing. But I hope people don’t indulge in its perks too much either..