If you’re feeling a little sad, or bad, or mad, I hope you’ll treat this post as the sign you’re looking for. Maybe to even look at life a little differently.

This is for the 30-day writing challenge I’m currently doing.


Too general? But isn’t it why it’s barely noticed? Life gives us everything. And that fact alone should be enough for us to be happy that we can still enjoy it. Being thankful for another day doesn’t leave my prayers everyday.

Yes, it’s crappy at times. It doesn’t go our way. It gives us what we hate most and rid us of what we love most. It’s very unpredictable. It’s what makes it exciting too. Doing something feels more fulfilling due to the journey to get there. Typically, I feel like the journey is much more fun than the destination because it’s what took me there. If I stopped half way from all my plans, I would never achieve or experience anything.


Some might disagree maybe because it’s a fact not exactly a privilege. We all came from a family, from a family of 10 to a single mother or to an old relative. But we are loved. 

I’m very thankful for my family. We’re broken, but we’re happy. We have misunderstanding regularly and we probably all have a love-hate kind of thinking, but I would trade the world to be with them for as long as I can. Especially my mom. Even if I suck at being affectionateI suck at being affectionate, I hope they know how much I love them.

Work and Career

I work with great people. I learn new things. I have a business. I love working.

They are probably things that we all have, but I’m still happy that it’s something not only I have, but also enjoy. I don’t think a lot of people are blessed enough to feel like working is amazing, but I’m glad that I’m happy when I do work.


We should all be thankful of our priorities. Maybe, some of us hate the fact that we have responsibilities for our priorities, but if you look at it in the angle that it’s what makes us important in life, it’s not so bad.

Sometimes I hate the fact that I need to help financially at home, I can’t buy things I want as soon as I want them. But I’m happy to help. I’m happy to be able to share the burdens of my mom and brother. I’m sure they feel the same way too.


They say no secret can not be revealed. But at least I’m thankful that my thoughts are safe from everyone. It’s my second safety place. Despite all the many rubbish and some sensible things in my mind, I’m thankful that I have am capable of thinking and keeping some things to myself.

I’m tactless. So you could just imagine if I don’t hold back my thoughts, I probably shouldn’t leave the house at all. Maybe it’s a little too selfish for me, but hey, we all are!


Life is fun as we allow it. And we should be thankful everyday that we are allowed to live. So we should live life the best way we can.