If it isn’t yet too obvious, you might guess that I’m pretty attached to my friends and family. That’s why if they say something I don’t like, it gets to me, but if they say something I like, it really empowers me.

This is for the 30-day writing challenge I’m currently doing.

Let me tell you one thing, my family is probably one of the least acknowledging and appreciative lot on earth. I remember failing lots of my Math and Science classes in my early days, so when I got top spot when I got to college, they didn’t seem to care either.

My bro is the least expressive person you’ll probably meet. I know he loves us, but you would never ever see him cling to you and rub his face on your arm like a cat. That’s something I got used to already. I remember the many times I tried to hug him, he’ll just shrug with an intense grossed out look as he waits forever for me to finish. But that’s just how he is and I love him that way.

Some years ago, I joined a competition where I didn’t land a place. Of course, I was disappointed, and my brother didn’t fail to rub that in. But one thing I wont forget is when he told me “I know you can do better.” I didn’t understand it then, I just wanted a hug. But growing up, I realized he means much much well than what I thought.

And he’s right. I can do better.

Whenever I do anything now, I try my best to exert more effort. An that’s because someone told me I can. Someone believed that I can before I did. And I’m thankful for that.